May 7, 2021

Like attracts like. You have heard that one before, right? This is why we become friends with some people but not with all. In other words, you get what you put your energy and focus on.

Everything around you is made up of energy

energyIf everything is energy, this also means everything is connected. Energy cannot be stopped and cannot disappear, it can only change its form. All energy vibrates and everything has a unique frequency. When two vibrations resonate at the same frequency, they are attracted to each other.

For example, you may have thought about a person you have not heard from in a long time and suddenly they phone you. This is because you are attracting a situation that is in resonance with how you are feeling. When similar thoughts bring people together, we often describe it as a coincidence.

Consider how a magnet works. When you hold a magnet close to metal, the metal is attracted to the magnet. Your body acts in a similar way. Scientists have discovered that neurotransmitters in the brain send signals from one stem cell to another. These electrical impulses travel from the brain to the spinal cord, sending electrical impulses to the muscles in our body and forcing then to move how we want them to. Similarly, we can attract what we want by using our minds.

The Law of Attraction: using energy

When you have a thought it immediately flows into the universe and attracts like thoughts. These thoughts attract manifestations of the similar energies. We can’t sense the power of a magnet only see its effect. Similarly, our thought vibrations canā€™t be seen or felt. They can be viewed as similar to sound waves that are beyond the human range of hearing.

When you feel good, your vibrations are harmonizing with the deeper vibrational fields of existence. You are more aligned with the universe. If you feel unworthy or unhappy, you are out of sync with the universe. Everyone sends out thoughts all the time and we reap the results of these thoughts and through our subconscious we are connected with the universal mind. So think positive thoughts and you get positive results. This is the Law of Attraction.

The importance of passion and excitement

energyPassion and excitement are feelings. Thoughts and feelings drive the creative process. Without them, manifesting what we want can take much longer. The two main creative energies or feelings are Passion and Excitement. Without these thoughts and feelings, which hold extremely positive energy, the process of creation will work but not as easily or quickly.

Another way to illustrate the importance of positive feelings is to look at affirmations. These short, positive and motivating phrases can be a very helpful support as we use our will and intention to create positive change in our lives. They are used as a way to magnify our thoughts and will during the process of creating what we want. A couple of examples are:

  • My beliefs and feelings manifest my reality šŸ’œ
  • I attract success in to my life šŸ’œ

What we are suggesting is that while these words of manifestation can be very powerful, it really is important to ‘feel’ what you are saying. If you are just going through the motions of saying the affirmations, even though they do hold power, you are not putting positive, creative energy of the feelings of passion and excitement in to the formula. So treating the feeling is extremely important in the process of treating and manifesting what we want.

Core beliefs

Remember the butterfly? It used to be a caterpillar. Then it changed. Letting go is not the end, it’s a new beginning. If the caterpillar would never believed it could be a butterfly, it would never change. Beliefs are convictions or acceptances that certain things are true or real. Beliefs are your generalizations about the world. They are like an on/off switch; whether you can do something or not. Your beliefs create your reality one way or another.

Your core beliefs are created through a process of logical deduction. You learn them from everyone around you, including your parents, your peers, your mentors and from society. A belief system is the actual set of precepts from which you live your daily life and those thoughts and beliefs that govern your thoughts, words and actions.

Core beliefs are those hardened, rock-like thoughts and assumptions. They are derived from your choices and decisions that you made along the way. Even though you have most likely forgotten why you chose a certain belief, they are still fundamental to your life.


Achieve significant improvements

Core beliefs are like lies you tell yourself, that may or may not be true. For example, you may continually tell yourself you are unlovable, you are ugly or even totally incompetent. Some beliefs are empowering, others are disempowering. The good thing is that your beliefs are not fixed for life. You can change them.

Working with me can achieve significant improvements in your levels of happiness and growth by identifying and changing your limiting beliefs. Are your ready for change?

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