new moon in capricorn

January 11, 2021

On Wednesday January 13, 2021 we experience the first New Moon of 2021. New Moon equals New Beginnings. The Zodiac sign Capricorn is known for being goal-oriented, wants to achieve whatever step it planned and stays grounded the whole journey.

New Moon in Capricorn

new moon in capricornWhat does that mean? It’s astrologers’ jargon. It means that the moon will show itself in the Zodiac sign of Capricorn. The moon is very powerful so Capricorn’s nature will be reinforced.

Since the moon is about feelings and emotions it can be a confused time. This New Moon can cause you holding back on showing your emotions. You can even be shy and reserved and rather seeking approval from the outside world.

Take especially good care of joints, bones, skin and hair. New Moon is also good for taking care of nails, start losing weight or detoxing and it is easier to get rid of bad habits.

New Moon rituals

If you want to take advantage of her (the moon is feminine) energy, this is what you can do.

The day before

  • Choose what you focus on and what you want to manifest. Best to choose one thing.
  • Clean and declutter your house the day before. White sage is great.
  • Take (or buy) a journal and start writing down your focus point as a story. A new/empty one is perfect since this is the first New Moon this year. New Moons are about new beginnings.
  • Buy candles and incense if you don’t have any.
  • Buy crystals. At least Amethyst (purifying), Rock Crystal (strong) and Rose Quartz (love).

The day of New Moon

new moon in capricornMake an altar with candles, stones, your journal and incense. Setting intention are very powerful if you meditate before visualizing. If you have never meditated before, this is a great moment to start. If you need some guidance, listen to my 5x 15 minutes of audio. You can find it here >>

Stay calm because your energy is being amplified during New Moon. Burn your candles and incense. You feel more grounded if you are literally on the ground e.g. on a cushion. Keep your crystals together because the intensify each other.

New Moon in Capricorn and the rest of 2021

New Moon intentions are extra powerful if you do them during the New Moon in your Zodiac sign. These are the dates and signs for 2021. Check your own timezone for the exact time:

Jan 13, 2021 New Moon in Capricorn
Feb 11, 2021 New Moon in Aquarius
Mar 13, 2021 New Moon in Pisces (start Summertime)
Apr 11, 2021 New Moon in Aries
May 11, 2021 New Moon in Taurus
Jun 10, 2021 New Moon in Gemini (Solar Eclipse)
Jul 9, 2021 New Moon in Cancer
Aug 8, 2021 New Moon in Leo
Sep 6, 2021 New Moon in Virgo
Oct 6, 2021 New Moon in Libra
Nov 4, 2021 New Moon in Scorpio (Super New Moon and end Summertime)
Dec 4, 2021 New Moon in Sagittarius (Super New Moon Total Solar Eclipse)


I started an Astrology course a week ago. Couldn’t wait for the New Moon to start 😉 Later this year I will be available for making horoscopes and interpret them.

Next to the New Moon every month, we also have the Full Moon every month (average). The Full Moon has her own energy. If you are interested in Full Moon principles and rituals, you can download my Full Moon Calendar 2021 and receive guidance every month. Don’t hesitate, it’s for free >>

The Moon is a significant part of Astrology. While we tend to talk only about our Sun sign (the sign you were born in – masculine), your Moon sign (feminine) is equally important. I was born in Aries (Ascendant Aries) with moon in Sagittarius. They are all fire elements. For me that explains a lot …

Happy New Moon and please share your thoughts, habits and feeling about the New Moon!

new moon in capricorn

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