challenge of planning

September 7, 2020

Do you ever plan your life? Not many people do. That’s why they daydream about their perfect life and never make it happen. We are more busy with pleasing others than pleasing ourselves. Mothers put their children frist and non-mothers their career. How many women subordinate their own life to that of their partners? This is why I call it: the challenge of planning. You can have it all, trust me.

Knowing what you want

challenge of planningIt starts with knowing what you want in life. What’s your purpose, your goal, your dream life and how do you want your own life to look like on a daily basis. If you don’t know what you want, you will adapt yourself to others: your partner, your children, your parents and even your boss.

Whenever I ask people what they want, they first tell me what they don’t want. I understand that because we tend to start with whatever frustrates us. We always choose avoiding pain over gaining pleasure. Starting with what you don’t want can be a good start.

If you are more right-brained, you can start with a piece of paper and use some colored markers or pencils. Draw a circle. Inside the circle you write or draw what you want and outside the circle what you don’t want (anymore). Feel free to be totally creative and irrational.┬áIf you are more left-brained, you would probably feel more comfortable with drawing a matrix and just write your wants on the left side and your don’t wants on the right side.

Write your story, manifest your life

The first challenge of planning is to follow your story. But if the gap between your actual life and the life you want is big, you probably have to rewrite your story. Your story are the words you make up in your head telling you how to live your life. If you get sentimental or emotional with other people’s story you are most likely not so happy with the one you made up: you think the grass is greener at the neighbors.

challenge of planningWhen you rewrite your story, know exactly what you want and put yourself first, you are on your way to live your perfect life. One of the most powerful things you can do right now, is manifesting what you want. Read your story out loud, visualize you already have it and trust the journey. You will automatically take actions towards your desired life.

The challenge of planning

The second challenge of planning is to implement your actions towards your desired life into your everyday life. This is not even the hardest challenge although it can seem that way because you need to make time for doing what is necessary. Finding the time in 24 hours. Tip: start with your most important action which is time for yourself. The rest can follow in whatever order you feel comfortable with.

The next step is to start living your plan. How committed are you? How persistent? How can you hold on to putting yourself first, being pro-active, setting your boundaries straight and do what is best for you. Sometimes you need to learn to say “no” to people. But remember: every “yes” to someone else is a “no” to yourself. You can only spend your time once.

"Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes but no plans." - Peter F. Drucker
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