November 30, 2020

Manifesting is shifting your thoughts, emotions and actions towards what you want in life. Although that sounds easy, most of us tend to manifest exactly the opposite of what we want: we manifest what we don’t want. Our thoughts and emotions are default in complaining mode which means we get more of what we don’t want. Let me show you 3 ways to manifesting successfully.

1. Write down what you want

manifestingBuy yourself a present first: a brand new journal. If you never had a journal, this is a good day to start using it. If you already have a journal, that’s fine but maybe you want a new journal or a different one for manifesting. Isn’t this the perfect time to treat yourself? Manifesting has everything to do with self-care and you know: self-care isn’t selfish; it’s a necessity.

Start your new journal with writing down what you want. You can manifest as often as you like. I manifest twice a month: at Full Moon and New Moon and make a ritual around it with stones, crystals, candles and incense. But this is not necessary; do whatever fits you. But do it consciously and prepare for it. Trust that what you manifest will come to you. 

2. First believe, then see

Believe what you manifest. You can think about huge amounts of money on your bank account but if you don’t believe it will never be there, then it will never be there. The moment you write it down, you start manifesting. You can make it into a mantra of affirmation and start repeating it over and over again. Or you can create a vision board to make it more real. Be sure you put it somewhere on the wall where you see it everyday.

manifestingManifesting is not a list of goals you have to reach before a certain time (try before you die). It’s not a bucket list. Manifesting has to do with receiving, which means no effort from your side. Believe that what you manifest will come in divine timing. You have to let go of controlling that timing.

3. Express gratitude

Maybe you are in a place right now, physically and emotionally, that you don’t feel any gratitude at all. Still then, you have so much to be grateful for. The roof over your head, some money in the bank, able to buy food, make a meal out of it and enjoy the company of your family or your own. The best things in life manifest when you are grateful for what you already have.

You can even be grateful for negative emotions you encounter. Because they are here to teach you a lesson. Be grateful for that lesson so you can move on. I express gratitude for the things I am manifesting as if I already have them.

“If you have a positive frame of mind, you can manifest positive things in your life.” - The Law of Attraction


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