October 8, 2017

Have you ever considered working while traveling? Yes, then this post gives you more insights on how to combine the two. Of course you can have a job or work as a freelancer which doesn’t give you the opportunity for working while traveling. In that case, you need to save money and free days to travel. That’s fine. In this blog post I will explain what you can do if you want to work location independent.

What can you do?

working while travelingThe opportunities for working while traveling were never that many since the introduction of internet. Which doesn’t mean you have to work on the internet. Remote jobs can also include working as a freelance secretary (also known as virtual assistant), accountant/bookkeeper, coach, teacher, painter, copywriter, house or pet sitter. You name it. There are so many ways to make money while traveling.

But if you are interested in doing some online business, you can consider writing an e-book, making an online course (e.g. language course), blogging/vlogging, investing in other companies or real estate, online gaming, web designer or web developer. I know people who actually make a lot of money with online masterclasses. You can ask good money if you choose a niche market.

Even working as an employee you have several possibilities. Just ask you manager about it. Don’t assume it is not possible. Unless you are a receptionist or a sales rep who needs to visit clients locally there are more options than you think. And maybe nobody every asked your boss but he is willing to investigate what’s possible. If you are a talented and valueable asset to your company you can at least give them something to think about.

Sponsored traveling

working while travelingAs mentioned above, you can sell yourself as a house and pet sitter. But then you have to have a special trait to get paid. In most cases people won’t be paying you anything but return the favour by letting you stay in their house for free. There are many international organisations you can use to find places you would like to travel to.

You can also consider website as Workaway where you can work in exchange for bed and bread. There are possibilities all over the world. I started my nomad life as a workawayer on a huskyfarm in northern Finland. And later on, living in Norway, I was a Workaway host myself.

This is how I do it

I help people getting the lifestyle they want. That’s why I always search for places where I can meet a lot of people. I like to stay in big cities and sleep in hostels. You will find fellow travelers who inspire you with their stories and experiences. You also find other people that maybe want to have the lifestyle that you have but have some sort of internal conflict or reason why it’s not for them.

I am a small-scale web designer. I love helping people growing their business using their website. As a marketing tool. Why small-scale? Because I want a clear focus on what I do. For me that means I can’t take many clients.

Working while traveling

working while travelingIt all comes down to a few things:

  • Are you creative enough?
  • Does the work involve your passion or some other vocation (volunteering)?
  • Do you believe that you can actually make money doing this?

If you are not sure this is what you want or you have some internal conflicts don’t hesitate to contact me. I can help you to get rid of your doubts or fears.

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