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December 17, 2018

I was really looking forward to go to this place.I had contact with Pippa way before I came to New Zealand. Now finally it was time to go there: Solve Sanctuary in Milton. Milton is a small town just south of Dunedin. So first I spend some time in Dunedin.

Wellington and Dunedin

solve sanctuary
Dunedin house

I hitchhiked my way from Pahiatua to Wellington and met some nice people along the way. Hitchhiking in New Zealand is so easy! I was only a few hours in Wellington. I took a plane from Wellington to Dunedin because I didn’t have enough time to take other sorts of transport.

Dunedin is lovely. A nice, clear town with some Victorian houses and a beautiful botanic garden. Really worth staying there a couple of days at the least. I stayed three days. Especially the botanic gardens are great to visit. I had luck because of the nice weather. I stayed at a hostel which was not that great so I won’t state the name.

solve sanctuary
Botanic gardens

My new host, Pippa, came and picked me up for staying at her place (Solve Sanctuary) to take care of rescued animals and five Whippet dogs. One of the highlights of my journey through New Zealand.

Solve sanctuary Milton

Milton is a small town just 30 mintues drive from Dunedin. Pippa and her partner Brent have a lovely place out there. In between some big sheep and beef farm there is a place where rescued animals are welcome. This is also an Bed & Breakfast.

solve sanctuary
Vegan chocolate cake

My room was one in a million. A beautiful decorated private room on the first floor with great views over the property. I met the five Whippets, three horses, three pigs, three sheep, a couple of chicken and a nasty turkey called Donald T. (T stands for Turkey of course).

Because it was a place where abused and abandoned animals found there last home, no meat was eaten. This is a vegan place. During my stay at Solve sanctuary I officially turned from not eating that much meat into a vegetarian: a big step for me. I love meat, but I can’t eat it anymore. Turning into vegan is a logical step but that takes some more time.

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solve sanctuary

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