December 19, 2018

It was nearly Christmas time. My plan was to leave New Zealand at 18th December and travel to Australia. Visiting some old friends of last year and spend the holidays there. But things can change in a year so there was no opportunity to visit them. That’s when I decided to extend my visa for New Zealand. So I went to Oamaru first.


oamaruoamaruPippa dropped me off at a hitchhike spot in Dunedin. Within 5 minutes I had a ride to Oamaru. The lady lived in Oamaru and before she dropped me off at the hostel, she drove around to let me have a glimpse of this town.

It was early so I had enough time to walk around Oamaru. First I visited the old Victorian part of Oamaru. It is really only one street but with several bars, restaurants and shops. Through that street you can walk to the harbor. A beautiful place with a park and playground.

Follow the path beside the water and you will end up at the place where the blue penguins are. You know when you are almost there because of the warning signs. The promised blue penguins were not there but still the surroundings were lovely. And the walk worthwhile.

From Oamaru to Kurow

Me and Olive, their only daughter

At the end of the day Anna was picking me up to go to here place in Kurow. I was going to take care of her family’s farm while they were on holiday in the North island. I was very excited to go there. She told me that the kids were looking forward to meet me and would probably immediately hug me. So that happened.

I felt instantly welcome at their home. Their sensitive dog Mayzee and energetic Labradoodle Pippi accepted me directly. I knew I was going to have a great time here. I played some games with the children and had a great meal. Later we talked about the few things they wanted me to do. One of those things was going to Oamaru twice a week. So I would come back many times.

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