challenging the sun

October 15, 2021

Mexico was not really ever on my list but when I met Marta while living during the lockdown in Prague, the idea and later the plan started. We are going to travel together through Mexico and onward south. I sure wanted to go to South America at some point but I had a limiting belief that caused me not to go to warm place. My personal goal: challenging the sun.

Preparing for Mexico

challenging the sunThe first challenge was trying to find the best and cheapest option to fly to Cancun. At that moment I was in Ohrid, North Macedonia and needed to travel without being vaccinated and without as less COVID-tests as possible.

First I booked a pretty cheap flight through the US but then later heard that I couldn’t even have a stop-over because the US was closed for EU citizens. I canceled. The second best way for me was to go to Vienna and then to Eindhoven in less than 48 hours. And of course I managed.

But the work that came with this, was tremendous. You need to know all the rules and laws for the countries you will visit or pass through. All the paperwork you need to fill in. To make a long story short: the world has gone completely crazy. On September 30, 2021 I landed in Cancun.

Cancun, gateway to paradise

challenging the sunOn of the first things I heard about Cancun: It is not worth visiting and only good enough for a stop-over. My opinion: this is not fair towards Cancun. There is lots to do and see if you set your mind to it. Just decide that it’s worth visiting and then you will see what’s really there.

For example: Selina DownTown. This is a hostel and hotel with a nice bar and pool. Close to everything your need: supermarkets big and small, street food (check out El Parc de Las Palapas), information on tours, expensive and cheap restaurants, shops and whatever you might need.

Take the Colectivo (cheap small bus) to everywhere around the city. It’s more or less 40-50 Pesos (around € 2). That also takes you to the beach – and famous Hotel Zone where the resorts are – and the ferry to Isla Mujeres, a must-see. In the end I stayed 14 days in Cancun.

Challenging the sun – the first two weeks

I had a hard time and never enjoyed a pool that much as these two weeks in Cancun. Actually I was in or around the pool almost the whole day. This weather – sun and humidity – was killing me but I knew I had to go through this and it would become easier. And even found myself a nice ‘job’: I welcomed new arrivals, gave them information about

  • where to get money without paying a high fee;
  • where to get the best value for money when eating out;
  • which Colectivo to take to go anywhere;
  • which food and souvenir markets to go to;
  • where the best coffee in town is;
  • and so and so on.

When we left Cancun I was still sweating more or less the whole day but it was definitely worth it. I decided to stop complaining and start enjoying which made a big difference because in the end it’s all about mindset and what you tell yourself. Next stop: Playa del Carmen, a continuing story about challenging the sun.

challenging the sun
Cancun street art


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