valentines day

February 15, 2020

Yesterday was my first Valentine’s Day that I got romantic attention in years. So the stars are aligned. It doesn’t happen many times that I have a flirt. Although it was online through messaging, I definitely welcomed it. Romantic relationships are not easy when you are traveling.

Nomadic relationships

I do come across many young couples when traveling. Most of them are in their early twenties. They are full of dreams and are blue-sky thinkers. It is so lovely to see. They all want to travel while they are stil young. That’s what they say. Whenever I tell them that I started traveling and living a nomadic life when I became 50 years old, they are stunned.

Because I am one of the few my age who is living this life, it is not easy to come across like minded people more or less my age. Although I believe that age is just a number, I do see a difference when it comes to personal growth and subjects to talk about. There are exceptions of course. I remember couchsurfing in Rovaniemi, Finland with this 18-year old guy who was already a buddhist and had gone through life phases that I could only dream about.

valentine's day

Occasionally I register on some (new) dating app and I have applied for television programs as ‘First Dates‘ and ‘Married At First Sight’ but I never got elected. That means that they couldn’t find a match. And in these few cases that I find a man attractive, they tend to be a little bit overwhelmed with my life style or just simply intimidated by me as a person.

Valentine’s Day 2020

valentine's day
Napier, New Zealand

So I got some attention this year. For privacy reasons I will not talk much about the men (yes, there were too) in detail but one was a teenage crush from my home town and the other one lives on. the other side of the world; I stayed at his place for a couple of nights last year.

Those ones are save. They are not available. Because what would happen if I would find a man who is available? It would scare the hell out of me probably. Isn’t it interesting how you can long for something and at the same time sabotage ourselves because love is too scary. You settle for friendship although my experience with male friendships is not that good. We either end up in bed together or the level of friendship is not equal from both sides.

Anyway, I enjoyed the Valentine’s Day attention a lot. And as I am writing this blog, I look at my phone and it is exactly 11:11 which is an awakening code. It means that you have the opportunity here and now to expand your consciousness, raise your vibration, perceive higher spiritual realities and infuse your life with the energy of spiritual new beginnings.

What a great way to start the new day …


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