October 4, 2017

The six human needs are an invention of international life coach Anthony Robbins. He believes there are six human needs everybody has and when they are all met, you can say you have a fulfilling life. Since I heard about these six human needs, it made a big difference in understanding my own behavior and intrinsic motivation. Why do you do the things you do?

Six human needs, what are they

six human needsThe six human needs stated here are universal. Everybody has them but they are not equally important. It differs from one person to another. We all need them. They are part of the way we are built as a human being. It will need a change of species to alter them. The six human needs are:

  1. Certainty – you need to feel secure and have your basic needs covered at some extend.
  2. Uncertainty – you need to have some variety in your life otherwise you be bored out of your mind.
  3. Significance – you need to feel special to feel alive.
  4. Love and connection – you are a human being, therefore have the need for social contacts.
  5. Contribution – this is a need that goes beyond yourself, contribute to a better society.
  6. Growth – being part of nature you need to grow otherwise you die.

Six human needs explained

The way you get your human needs met, differs from person to person. Some people need to feel certain about the money they get every month. These people could never be an independent business owner. That would freak them out. Other people need so much uncertainty that they would risk their lives by meeting that need. Think about people mountain biking on the deadliest mountain paths on earth.

The third need, significance is a very interesting one. It took me some years to admit that I want to be significant. Because the way I was brought up. Never to stand out but rather try to fit in. Some people meet significance by trying to commit suicide. That will definitely some attention to them.

six human needsLove and connection, no one can do without. Some people gave up on love because they got hurt so many times in life. Maybe they choose a life with a dog. Dogs never complain, judge and are always happy to see you.

Anybody can find a way to meet these four needs even by putting a gun to somebody’s head. Instantly you score the highest points on all of them. You are certain somebody is going to respond. There is a lot of uncertainty too. Kind of exiting: what will happen next. You sure are significant and make a connection.

The last two needs are the needs of the spirit. Meeting those needs you are really into a fulfilling life. When you can contribute beyond yourself is something that really feels good. Helping an old lady crossing the street, give money to a beggar or assist refugees with their homework. Life is not about me, life about we.

Growth has to do with your own spiritual need to become a better person. You grow when you are open to receive more of whatever makes you happy. Mentally and emotionally. Surround yourself with positive people. Stop judging and arguing. See opportunities instead of limitations. Don’t want to be right all the time, be happy.

What are your dominant needs?

You can do the test to find out which are your three dominant human needs. Knowing them you can always find a way to meet them. So instead of complaining and maybe suffering because you have a boring life, understand that this means you have a big need of uncertainty. Don’t break up with your boyfriend or find another job. Book a flight, go traveling!

My results on March 13, 2020


Do the test by following this link >>>

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