February 23, 2019

My longest travel so far is almost over. Although I don’t have a home base, for me going to the Netherlands still feels like home. I left Amsterdam on October 2, 2018 an will return on March 16, 2019. “This travel will probably change your life”, somebody said. Of course it will. It always does. That is inevitable. What really changed my life after 6 months traveling

Eating animals or eating meat

really changed my life
Me and Jimmy

I prefer to say that I am not eating animals. Because that makes it more real. Since meat comes from animals, right. Meat is an undefined peace of animal. When we buy meat, we don’t see the animal. We see a peace of dead something.

That something used to be an animal. Since my journey through New Zealand I have seen a lot of animals. And worked with them. Cared for them. Cuddled them. And got tons of love back from them. I cried my eyes out for Jimmy, the calf that could not stand on his feet. I don’t dare to ask if he is still alive …

More and more I saw the weird way of thinking. People try to save a lamb who’s mother died. The children loved the lamb; it was so cute. And still serving lamb for dinner. I could not understand that anymore. Even though I never ate that much meat, it was clear to me that I needed to make a statement. For myself.

Being a vegetarian

It started with being a vegetarian. That means, you’re not eating animals. Although some vegetarians eat fish. When I was working and living at a vegan place in New Zealand I learned that not eating animals but still eating animal products was really weird. Growing cows for their meat or their milk (and milk products) is the same.

But I love butter. And cheese. And eggs. How to deal with that? I decided to postpone the vegan lifestyle for a while. First start with consciously being a vegetarian. That also meant skipping comfort food. For me that is salmon. No salmon anymore. But still two eggs in the morning. And mayonaise, o how I love that!

The last two months of my trip I was working at a dog shelter in Portugal. This was a vegetarian place. Which made everything much easier. But still two eggs in the morning. And cheese on bread. Then I met Ieva: a vegan woman from Latvia. She taught me everything I wanted to know about the vegan lifestyle. I made the decision to become vegan.

What really changed my life after 6 months traveling

what really changed my lifeBecoming vegan is not a hype. Nor a cry for significance. It is a conscious lifestyle. People’s motivations are as diverse as they come. My motivation is clear and simple: I don’t want to eat animals or food that has animal products in it. Why? I don’t believe we have to right to let animals suffer because we want to eat them. I see myself equal to all the living creatures on earth.

The last five months I haven’t hardly cooked myself. I always find someone to cook. Especially when I offer to do the dishes. And I did a lot of dishes! So I am still learning. When I come back to the Netherlands in three weeks, I have to make my own meals. And I have been eating so many nice meals that there is a lot to choose from.

Do I feel better, more healthy? No. To be honest. But I am not so much in touch with my body like some of my friends are. They instantly know when they need sugar or feel tired when they eat the wrong stuff for their body. I love it all. I love food and there is nothing that make me feel less healthy. It is going to be a challenge but not eating animals is the only right way for me!

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