Remember when you were carefree? Who would you be if you would step out of this rat race? How would it feel if you were more balanced?

Do you want to be CAREFREE & BALANCED just like me?

Carefree Living 

Now it's time to show the real you. Let me guide you in your process to become who you need to become: more in sync with your true nature. Make the journey from your head to your heart, learn to put yourself first and surrender to who you really are. Show your authentic self, dare to make your dreams reality and transform to a carefree life without anxiety or worry.

How to go from an okay life to a FULFILLING life


Do you want to let go of worrying? Do you want to feel more balanced when it comes to your private life and your work? You want more free time, more me-time?

These are the three major goals women have. But before you can work on them, you must first do inner work to develop a greater understanding of yourself, your habits and how you view yourself and the world. Look at where you are now in your life. Not making it worse or better. See it as it is. 

Start where you are now. This is point A. If you have a clear vision of where you are right now in your life, you can take the next step


Now it's time to dream about your desired life. Be open to receive everything and know you deserve this. Imagination and visualization are key at this point.

Forget what you were told in the past. How to behave, what to think, who to become or what you should or shouldn't do. Time to shake these conditions off and start living the life to the fullest.

Your result is point B. When you have a clear vision how that looks like and you are determined about reaching that point, you are ready for the next step.


Vehicles are a means to an end. They are your backpack. What do you need for the journey you want to make to get where you want to go so you can be totally fulfilled in life.

How to get educated, learn new skills and change your belief system in order to get the results. Sort stuff out that fills your backpack. Don't make it too heavy; you need to take it with you all the way.

And at some point, you can maybe leave stuff behind what no longer serves you. That makes your journey much lighter.


Like in every journey, you come across obstacles. It's inevitable. Use the tools in your backpack to help you overcome them. Or pack different tools.

Different obstacles need different tools. You will learn that along the way. Knowing how to deal with them, using your inner strength, will help you cope and be more confident about yourself.

If you know your why, your how is easy. Learn to deal with them as they appear, not to worry because they might. Being prepared is not the same as worrying. Learn the difference.


The building phase is about how to apply your new belief system, learned skills and overcome obstacles into your path towards your new life.

Now you are going to implement your life hacks and planning with all the resources you collected in your backpack into your daily life.

You know how to use all your building skills, be comfortable to ask for help and surrender to being who you are. Your are not Miss Perfect and you don't have to be. You are confident for the woman you are right now and surround yourself with people who lift you up and empower you.


Live your self made life. Is your chosen path right for you, is it doable? Reflect frequently. Are you still on the right track and how to move on from here?

This journey is a never ending one. Live, reflect and adjust. Remember that change is the only constant in the Universe.

Knowing your inner strength, trusting your intuition, believe that you always have a choice and nobody is going to save you, gives you unlimited power. You are free, you are sovereign, you are not a victim. Start taking back control of you own life!

If you are looking for a sign: this is it

Who you really are

Your desired life

How you get there

Chasing demons away

Life hacks and planning

Enjoy the hell out of it

Start your new journey now!

My guidance will give you the certainty that you can use your own inner strength to transform your life and live carefree, balanced and fulfilled because you trust yourself and know you are worthy to get everything out of life. You deserve this.


Private one-on-one program € 1,000 (payable in 3 months)

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  • Receive personal attention, stay open-minded 
  • Be yourself completely, discard judgement
  • Trust the process, expect miracles
  • Bounce back easily, learn skills
  • Transform your life, empower yourself
  • Accept the change, live carefree
  • Plan your life, refuse failure
  • Overcome the obstacles, build muscle
  • Your next step, start now
monique appels

I am a Life Planner

This is me, at the harbor of Oamaru New Zealand. I am an entrepreneur for 20 years; the last 6 years as a business coach for female entrepreneurs. A lot of them struggle in balancing their lives for various reasons, like I did. 

I made drastic decisions in my life, found my purpose, became an excellent planner and learned to make the right choices for myself, trusting my intuition. Therefore I am carefree, balanced and know my own inner strength to go with the flow of the Universe.

I am a certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Law of Attraction Instructor.

Love, Monique Appels


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