January 28, 2021

When I tell people that I am convinced that everyone can lead a carefree life, often they say “Yes, easy talking for you, but you …” fill in the blanks. Carefree living is not a personal trait, anybody can have a carefree live. It is all about trust and getting rid of limiting beliefs. I am not different than you are; I simply make others choices and that’s why I don’t worry.


trustI can put it even more strongly: “I think a carefree life is your birthright.” We tend to make life much more difficult than it is. Some even argue that life is a struggle. And that’s a shame. I see many suffering because of worry.

You worry when you are focused on the future. After all, you never worry about what ever happened in your life (past) or what is happening now (present). Right now, you are reading this blog and have no worries. Once you’ve read this, your thoughts will run wild again and before you know it you’ll be worrying again. The trick is to enjoy what is now and to have confidence in the future.

“Do you never have worries?” I am sometimes asked. Not really. Of course there are challenges in my life. For example, I am not staying in my home country right now and have to go to the Netherlands for a business appointment in June. I can ask myself: “Will I ever come back, because officially I don’t live here and so my return is not an essential trip“. At the moment my country of residence is red and therefore not freely accessible.

Am I worried about that? No. After all, I will make a decision in due course: whether I go or not. Remember that you always have a choice. Even if you don’t believe so. If I go, I think in advance what the scenario could be and prepare for the worst that could happen. Namely, that I cannot go back. Is that bad? No, I’ll get over that too. This process is called planning, and if you control that – I call it an art – then you are carefree.


trustHaving confidence in the future is a good starting point for being carefree. It comes as it comes. Trust therefore has everything to do with acceptance. You trust with your heart, not with your head. Whatever comes along in the future, if you accept what is then you can have confidence in yourself. You can handle it. Whatever is thrown at your feet.

It is understandable that if you look at the world we live in right now, you lose all confidence. Trust therefore has to do with yourself, not with others. Personally, I have little faith in people who ‘are in charge’, so to say. I also believe that no one will come to rescue me. I trust myself and therefore I can trust what is to come. Do not forget that you are your own creator. Nothing to the detriment of God, but you determine how your life turns out.

“But I have no influence on what happens to me, do I?”, you may think. That’s correct. But you can influence how you deal with it. What happens to you is beyond your control. Your response to it is within your control. But for that you have to dare to take responsibility yourself. Take charge of your own life and don’t become a victim and blame others.

The more you know your inner strength, the more confidence you can build!


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