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February 13, 2021

Have you every made a vision board? A vision board makes the invisible visible. It’s about how you vision your life to look like. Or your home. Or your career. You can make a vision board about anything in your life. Think of a vision board as a scrap book for the future.

Vision board: curse or blessing?

vision boardFor some a curse, others can’t live without it. If you are more left brained – thinking in words, facts and logic – a vision board could feel like a waste of time. For the more right brained – their world is about intuition, visualization and arts – a vision board is a way to communicate.

Whatever resonates with you, in this time and age we need visionairs (people with their zodiac sun sign in Aquarius know what I mean) with great ideas, sharing these around the world. A vision board is a way to share them.

How to make a vision board, 10 steps:

1. Get a canvas

It can be a pin-up board where you can pin your pictures, letters, drawings, clips or whatever. Or a simple piece of cardboard on which you can glue something. Or you can use a whiteboard with magnets so you can shift things more easily. If you are a bit like me – and change your mind often – maybe the last one is more suitable for you.

2. Get tools

It could be magazines, newspapers, your own photos, drawings, notes, dried flowers or just colors. Anything that represents your vision. Choose intuitively. You know exactly what you like and dislike. You do not have to think about it. The moment you start to think – or tell yourself “I am not sure” , you know it’s not for you. Pins, tapes and scissors are also very helpful.

3. Start collecting

In this stage you pick what you want on your vision board. Don’t select yet. Just pick. Maybe some words pop into your head – love, peace, me, money, God, man, house, emotions, baby, put them together by cutting letters of a newspaper. Be creative.

4. Start selecting

If you can do this without holding back, without limiting yourself – “I could never afford this Gucci dress so I won’t pick it” – then you probably have too much to put on your canvas. This is a good sign. It means you know what you want and you dare to dream. Now use the method of deduction: what resonates the least. Put that aside. Deduct until it looks exactly as you visualized.

5. Start arranging

vision boardNow make all that’s left into a nice picture. Arrange and rearrange just as long as necessary. Maybe leave it on the table and look at it the next day. If you are certain that this is your dream life, start taping, pinning or gluing it to your canvas. Sign with your name, signature and date. Make a picture for sentimental or digital reasons.

6. Put it out there

This means you can put it on the wall in your living room, in from of your desk in your home office, make the picture your desk top background on your computer, show it on social media or share with friends. Whatever you choose, make sure you are confronted with your vision board everyday even multiple times a day.

7. Visualize and manifest

The more you see your vision board – consciously or unconsciously – the more you manifest your vision. If you feel like it, visualizing your vision is very powerful. Look at your vision board and then close your eyes. See it become real and alive. Feel how it feels, smell the smells, hear the sounds, taste what it local and open your heart.

8. Be grateful

Be grateful for what you already have. Even if you want more of the same or something else. First be grateful for what is. For the present moment. Be grateful for what you wish for in a way that it is already yours and express how it makes you feel. “I feel so abundant with my new home, thank you for this”. “This beautiful man in my life makes me feel so confident that I am worth it, what a great gift”.

9. Enjoy and trust the journey

vision boardSee what unfolds. Recognize the signs. Do you see double or triple numbers often? This means you are on the right track. Suddenly getting unexpected help? Accept and be thankful. I have so many examples of people getting into situations without even making an effort. Whatever your question is, the universe is always here to help you. You do not have to say it out loud.

10. Reflect at Full Moon

The stage of Full Moon is a moment to reflect. If you make your vision board now, reflect on it at the Full Moon of July. This will correspond with the New Moon in Aquarius, which was last Thursday. It takes 6 months for the moon to end up in the same zodiac sign.

What’s the best time to make a vision board?

The most powerful time to make a vision board is at New Moon (this was February, 11). As the moon is in a waxing stage, you can make your vision board between now and Full Moon (February, 27). If you want to wait for the next perfect moment, this will be between March 13-28.

If you didn’t get my Full Moon Calendar yet, follow this link and download it for free. You will get guidance every month according to the zodiac sign the moon will be in. Next Full Moon will be in Virgo. 

Share your vision board in our Carefree Living Community if you want so you can inspire others.

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