ways to change your mind

August 4, 2021

Remember that stress is in your head. If you believe life is hard, then life is hard. The good news is that you can change your beliefs. Find out the 8 ways to change your mind

1. Meditate

Mediation is one of the best ways to train your mind. It strengthens our ability to witness our thoughts and is the first step in shifting the mental habits that cause us trouble. The key is consistency. Start small with 5 or 10 minutes of meditation a day and build up slowly.

2. Connect with the present moment

It’s easy to get lost in overthinking, but this mental patters can be distracting, unhelpful and exhausting. The trick is to catch yourself when you’re ruminating and invite yourself back to the present moment. Explore your senses – what can you see, hear, feel, smell and taste.

3. Rest your mind

No different than taking a break in between sprints or a set of deadlifts, your brain needs time to reset and recharge too. Rest increases our focus, creativity, energy and productivity. Find an activity that you find restorative – reading, music, gardening, whatever works for you.

4. Minimize digital distractions

ways to change your mindWe live in an age of digital distraction that can pull us away from what’s important and leaves us feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Try a digital clean-up, like minimizing notifications on your phone, or scheduling regular periods of technology-free time.

5. Prioritize sleep

Sleep allows our brain and body to repair and recover. It also improves memory, mood, creativity and problem-solving skills. So to show up in the world as our best selves, it’s crucial that we give ourselves quality time to recharge.

6. Leverage your routines

Routine is the key to training the mind and we have a built-in neurological system we can activate to support us. Try adding meditation to a routine that’s already in place, like after brushing your teeth. Soon enough, your toothbrush will become a mental cue for your meditation practice.

7. Practice letting go

Trying to control our lives and the people in it, is a one-way ticket to anxiety and exhaustion. Accept what you can’t control and let your best efforts be enough for now. Letting go isn’t easy, it takes practice and patience so be kind to the part of you that finds it difficult.

8. Tune into your intuition

Training the mind involves tuning in to and trusting your instincts. It’s about listening to that gut feeling and acting in alignment with your inner knowing. This isn’t always easy, but it’s a powerful way to build a relationship of trust with yourself.

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ways to change your mind

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