October 27, 2017

Everyone who is interested in the mind of human beings should read The Secret. The book The Secret claims that whatever you want in life, you can get. It is a matter of tuning in on the right frequencies of the universe. Place your order as you would do on a webshop and you shall receive. No need to worry about the ‘how’. 

The law of attraction

the secretThe philosophy behind The Secret is called the law of attraction. The law of attraction means that if you want something, all your energy flows to that specific want. Visualizing what you want is a big necessity. Studies with athletes show that they became better by visualizing their perfect throw or jump. Even if they didn’t really practise.

The book The Secret gives all kinds of examples of people getting what they want by simply asking for it. I have some doubts about that being so simple. If it would be so simple, then why am I not a millionaire by now? I have visualized and wanted that for so long.

What is interesting about practising the law of attraction is that you learn to let go of the ‘who’. Being a (business) coach, a lot of people come to me and ask me “How to make money” or “How to get clients”. This is a big source of stress for a lot of business owners. But also wanna-be nomads ask “How to become a nomad“.

The ‘how’ is not relevant

the secretThe book The Secret doesn’t talk about the ‘how’. If you place an order to the universe asking for 5K every month, you will get it. Of course you need to give something in return. Nobody gives you that money just to be nice. I bet you’re now asking yourself “but how”?

This is where the hard part comes in. The part I am missing in this book. You need to be sensitive for the signs. My own experience: in the last three weeks three people told me that I gave them great advise about becoming a better person and living the life they want. Three people in totally different circumstances: a waitress in a hostel in Albania, a total stranger in the train after the concert of Marillion and a digital nomad from Romania who found me on Facebook.

People tend to believe that whatever life they want, it’s not for them. We sabotage ourselves on various occasions and always find the right reasons why we don’t deserve it, or why we are not good enough or clever enough or pretty enough. Stop doing that!

The Secret

the secretIf you have read ‘Think and Grow Rich‘ by Napoleon Hill, you will find that The Secret is not much more than confirming whatever is written in that book. But then in a much more dull way. The Secret is not more than a summary of all the wonderful things that happen when you start asking the universe.

In my opinion it doesn´t go deep enough when it comes to specifically knowing and asking what you want. “I want more money” is not a specific question. You will probably find some coins on the street in a couple of days and that’s what you asked for. Write down what you want, visualize it, ask for it and are open for receiving.

You can write it down in words, or make a vision board. Visualising means seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting. When you want a house on the beach, smell the salty water each morning when you wake. These sorts of exercises I really missed in the book. 

Read The Secret and put it into action. What do you have to lose?

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