May 9, 2017

In my neverending journey seeking the person that I am supposed to be, I started listening to audio books. I want to share my experience with you so I start with author Mark Manson. He wrote ‘The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck’. I like the title, it sounds appealing to me and it was mentioned in the category of personal development. What’s not to like.


Reading is hard for me. I used to fight this and tortured myself into reading books. Finally I stopped doing that. What’s the point? I am a big fan of challenging yourself. Torture on the other hand is a totally unnecessary. I found out that listening to books is more ‘my thing’. So I started. And like everything I start with, I go all in. 

So I listened to seven books in the last week. One book a day. That’s a good start to catch up, because there are a lot of books on my list. This book was not the first one but it was pretty accessible and written with humor. That’s a good beginning. Not giving a fuck is an art I would like to master.

The Subtle Art

The book doesn’t start subtle. It made me a little bit angry and I became anxious. Was this the right choice? Anyway, it also made me laugh. The stories and examples in the book are real. Real people with real lives. It is not only about over-achievers who never gave up. Something that can really bring you down if you are not one of the happy few.

On the contrary. This book is about people who didn’t master the art of being in the now. Or had great plans for themselves. They just did. Nothing more and nothing less. They just lived their lives. No questions asked. Nothing to stand for. Nothing trying to prove. Not giving a fuck. The subtleness you need to find out yourself. What does this book give you?

Not Giving A Fuck

I know. Not giving a fuck really helps you to live your life your way. Being busy with giving a fuck about what other people think of you, never makes you happy. Sure, in the short term. Instant gratification. But long term it will kill you. If you give the remote control of your life to somebody else, then it is not your life anymore. Will people pleasers live a fullfilling life?

This book is not about so called ‘positive thinking’. Mark Manson states in raw and openly way that life really sucks. He is a blogger. Not a guru. I don’t know if it’s meant to be spiritual. But in the end, you have exactually fed your soul with a knowledge that goes far beyond ‘not giving a fuck’.

Order the book here (or get it for free) >>>

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