May 17, 2021

Here are ten tips to help you to focus on a Mindful Law of Attraction lifestyle:

1. Do one thing at a time

mindfulWhen you’re doing something just focus on that one thing only and be in the moment. Do it slowly and deliberately. While doing anything try to slow down and be deliberate in your actions; this will be easier when you are in the moment.

2. Do less

Where possible, try not to overfill your day. Plan to do things one thing at a time, deliberately and Mindfully. This won’t be possible if you overfill your day. So prioritize your tasks and let go of the ones that can wait or that you don’t need to do at all, for there’s always tomorrow.

3. Leave space

As you Mindfully do all of the above, leave space between jobs and tasks where possible. Leaving room for error can lead to a more relaxed feeling as you move from task to ask.

4. Spend at least five minutes daily doing nothing

The best way to do this is to mediate, although this is not doing nothing at all. The point here is to give yourself a true breathing space, where you are not thinking, remembering or planning. If you don‘t meditate, you could spend ten minutes a day with eyes closed and earphones on, listening to soothing music.

5. Focus on the present moment

When you catch yourself feeling stressed because you are either imagining a future that might not happen (worrying) or remembering something negative about the past, let it go and come back to the present moment. When you do this, you will notice that your energy starts to feel calmer as soon as you let those thoughts go.

6. When connecting with someone, be present

A lot of stressful situations occur when people are not feeling listened to or the ego mind comes into play. So actively and Mindfully being present and listening will naturally help you to feel less stressed and more Mindful every day.

7. Eat, walk and do everything slowly

mindfulYou can only do this if it is appropriate. But when you can, and you are being present, slow down, be deliberate in your actions and savor the moment fully. Whether it’s eating, showering, walking the dog or anything else, you can make most moments Mindful if you want to.

8. Cultivate compassion and gratitude

A lot of us say that we are grateful, but sometimes don’t make the time to feel it fully. So now that you are becoming more Mindful, you are noticing all the things you are truly grateful for. When dealing with others, try to cultivate an inclusive state of mind, where you are thinking of their needs as well as your own.

9. Try not to judge

This is sometimes hard to do, because, as previously mentioned, it is almost in our DNA as a human being automatically to judge. Try to bring in the intention to let the judgmental thoughts that pop in on a daily basis go. Say to yourself, ‘it doesn’t matter’ or ’it’s none of my business’. Because, in truth, it isn’t. We are all only ever responsible for our own life and our own karma. It would be unwise to focus on the realm of others and not attend to our own personal growth.

10. Be open, mindful and flexible

One final thing to mention, which will help you to be more relaxed, Mindful and non-judgmental, is to be as open, mindful and flexible as possible. The mind and ego want to jump in and put control and boundaries around most things. Once you have come out of the mind and into the heart you will find it easier to adopt a more flexible and less rigid attitude.

The more rigid we are, the less Mindful we are.


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