mental costs of destruction

May 4, 2020

We are living in a period of disruption. You can call it disorder or chaos. That frightens us because we have no control, while in times of order or harmony we know more or less what’s coming and what we can control. This eases the mind; we are comfortable. But what happens when we live in chaos? It can mean lower consciousness where mental costs of disruption are huge.

Controlling the situation

Mental costs of disruptionWe live in a world of duality. There can be no order without disorder, no harmony without disruption. No dark without light. It is a mythe that in times of order, when we feel comfortable, we have control. We never have control over situations. They happen to us. What we do control is our state of mind which gives situations a meaning. The moment you give it a meaning, you can take action accordingly.

What happens now in the world is disorder, chaos. People are afraid because they are not in control. Even though some people like governments and wealthy entrepreneurs are trying to gain control, eventually nature – including a virus – will find a way out. This is how nature works. Since we, as a species, have disconnected ourselves from nature we think we have control.

Certainty versus uncertainty

All people need certainty and uncertainty. Certainty is knowing that the chair you sit on doesn’t collapse, the pill you take doesn’t make you pregnant and if you put a gun against somebody’s head you are certain he is going to respond. But is there really ever certainty?

But we also need uncertainty. If you are certain what is going to happen and when it is going to happen, you will get bored out of your mind. Some people find uncertainty by becoming an entrepreneur and invest all their money into their start-up. Some take a backpack and travel around the world not knowing what lies ahead and some climb mountains with their bare hands and unsecured. Kind of exiting, isn’t it?

Mental costs of disruption

But when the uncertainty because so big, as we experience now with COVID-19, it’s going to mess with our mind and our head. Especially when it’s global like now. We hear and see the news and it scares the hell out of us. Everyday we hear how many people died or been hospitalized. The mental costs of disruption are so high that it is destroying us. What can you do to stay sane? These are some actions you can take:

  • Don’t watch the news and talkshows or check social media all the time.
  • Reduce as much external negativity as you can, so don’t complain about the situation with neighbors or friends.
  • Be grateful for what you do have instead of what you don’t have, like:
    • you have friends (at least one) and maybe family you can interact with.;
    • you woke up this morning because you are reading this blog;
    • you are alive because you breath, you think and you feel;
    • you have a roof over your head, a computer or phone and an internet connection;
    • you have money to buy groceries and pay the rent or mortgage;
    • you feel the sun on your face;
    • you have a job or a business or another sort of income;
    • you can give and feel love.

The list can go on and on and on. In times of disruption we tend you think about everything that goes wrong, or what we don’t have. So it is very important that you are expressing what you are grateful for. It works very well the moment you feel sad or scared again. Write your negative emotions down, using a journal not social media. Then turn them around and count your blessings.

Do you need to accept?

Mental costs of disruptionThis is an interesting question. My answer is: yes. That doesn’t mean you can’t take action if you feel like it but it does mean that you need to accept the present moment. At his moment – you are reading this blog – is there disruption in your life? Probably not maybe some discomfort. If you understand that life only unfolds itself in the present moment – there is nothing else – then life is not so bad, is it?

You are afraid of what’s going to happen. The future. But when the future is there, it is no longer the future, it is now. Does that mean you lay back and wait for what’s going to happen? You can of course. Or, if you believe that you can make a difference in what the future may hold for us, you can take action. Not out of fear but out of love for yourself and your fellow human beings. Out of power and confidence, not out of anger and revenge.

Train yourself being a leader

A great leader is not only someone who stands up and wants people to follow. A great leader is someone who makes other people a leader. Being conscious about what’s happening doesn’t mean you have to adapt conspiracy theories. Being conscious is an internal state. You can learn to feel, think and act that way. Some choose to use social media to express their consciousness and some don’t.

Training yourself being a leader means that you can learn to be aware. First of your own thoughts and fears. If you are aware of them, you are already training your consciousness. Then you can choose what to think and feel. That’s leadership. You don’t need to get on the barricades to be a leader. If you feel confident, trust the universe and act out of love, you are – by my definition – a true leader. And then, if you want, you can show other people to become a leader too. A leader of their own mind and soul.

Or, you are getting sucked into everything people write on social media or what our government is saying. That can make you even more scared which can lead to serious damage to your mental health. This directly influences your physical health as your immunsystem weakens. As a result you get more scared to getting sick and the spiral goes downwards. At that point you experience the mental costs of disruption, which are huge.

Staying alert and sane

Mental costs of disruptionIf you can train yourself to being your own leader so you can decide what to think, feel and believe you can not only stay healthy physically but also mentally. This is so important, especially in these circumstances. But not only for yourself. Also for the collective. Us. The people. If your energetic frequency goes up, the whole collective frequency goes up. We call that the ‘collective consciousness‘.

So instead of feeling despair and anxiety, you can feel pride and show courage. People with that level of consciousness are the once that really get on the barricades and fight for what they are afraid to lose. People who are fearful tend to believe the masses or slide into apathy and just hope for the best. Staying alert and sane means you inform yourself about what’s going on and don’t get carried away.

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