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February 24, 2021

It is nice being comfortable. Having a routine, feeling safe in your environment and secure about your financial situation is important to experience certainty. But if everything is certain, you get easily bored out of your mind. That’s why we need uncertainty, variety. Something spicy, taking a risk or dealing with a surprise. Empower yourself with learning new skills falls into this category too.

Looking for variety

learning new skillsIt could be that you are much more into certainty than uncertainty. For you, 2020 must have been awful. Maybe the worst year of your life so far because almost everything that used to be certain, suddenly wasn’t. 

If somebody asked you in 2015 what your life would look like five years later, we all got it wrong. But this is life. It always surprises us. And we needed that. We were too comfortable for too long. Although we love surprises that are positive, we have to deal with the ones that were not so positive. We call them problems.

People that are always looking for variety, had a great year last year. Almost nothing stayed the same. How did you perceive last year? Was it a blessing or a burden? Remember that you can choose how you perceive change: it’s either an opportunity or a threat. 

Empower yourself

The year 2021 is predicted to be worse than 2020 when it comes to the worldwide situation. If you have read ‘COVID-19 The Great Reset’ by Klaus Schwab, it gives you some insides in where we are heading. This could be very disempowering for you. For many this scenario looks more like a horror story.

Instead of worrying about what will happen, empower yourself. Learning new skills. Get different insights. This is the time to get out of your victim state – “Why is this happening to me?” – into your leader state: “What is this teaching me?”.

learning new skills

If you are learning new skills, you train your brain. You open your mind. You broaden your view of whatever more is out there. It is not about what you learn, it is about the fact that you are learning. As long as you are learning something that empowers you – not somebody else – you will grow. And you need to. You are part of natural. If you don’t grow, you die.

Learning new skills

Think about what you want to learn. Maybe a new language. Or knitting. Or mindfulness. Or vegan cooking. This has nothing to do with a training or course your employer sends you to. This has to do with you. It could be a new hobby or learning more about an existing hobby. Just for fun.

But maybe it could benefit you more and the new skill opens doors for you that used to be closed. It can also bring a totally new social environment. We like to connect with likeminded people. There are so many benefits that come with learning new skills.

What to choose? Start with the questions you have asked yourself in the last month. Or questions you asked somebody else. Just some examples:

  • Are we alone in the Universe?
  • What do my dreams mean?
  • How do I make a vegan chocolate cake?
  • Which supplements do I need to take, if any?
  • How can I learn to say “no” more often?
  • Why do dogs snif and lick each other’s genitals?

learning new skills

Set intentions to start

I have set the intention to start (and finish) one course each month in 2021. With that intention comes the planning. Everyday at 9 am I sit down and study. For 1.5-2 hours. Depending on the subject and my energy. With this routine, I finished two courses already: Astrology and Ayurveda. These are courses offered by Centre of Excellence.

My list for 2021 is already more than 12 courses, so I think I will continue learning new skills in 2022. Studying is not only about learning new skills. It is also about having a powerful routine. Being home all the time can really make you feel lonely. When connecting with your students or teacher, you feel a sense of beloning again. 

If you have no idea where to begin, start with making a vision board!

Let me know what your thoughts are about learning new skills. Can you see how this can empower you and open up a whole new world for you to discover?

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