About Monique

My background, purpose and believes

I donate my time and energy to help people having a carefree life. 


Born in the Netherlands in 1964. I used to be an over-achiever, always looking for something new or thrilling to spice up my life. Being in sales and marketing for many years, I loved the attention, car, money and respect that I got from people around me. Everything changed on Juni 1, 2014 when I decided to follow my heart for the first time and drove off by my self and my dog to Finnish Lapland, volunteering on a sled dog farm. Working with dogs has been my passion for over 20 years. Educated as a dog trainer and behaviorist this was a dream come true.

Carefree Living

Soon after arriving in northern Finland I knew that a new area in my life had started. From that moment on I never had a permanent place to live and living a nomad life. 

I traveled around the world, experienced the Polar winter in Norway, survived hurricane Irma on Sint Maarten, became a vegan in New Zealand and learned how to become more mindful in Albania.

At this moment I am living in Prague, never being busy, don't have stress and truly living a carefree life. 

Change is not a matter of capability, it is a matter of motivation

anthony robbins

The last 10 years I focused on personal development. I had many teachers, coaches and mentors that helped me with improve my identity, awareness, develop my talents and potential. It all started at the seminar Unleash the Power Within by Anthony Robbins. That was my biggest life-changing experience to date. I was already an entrepreneur for many years but this event gave me every tool to finding my purpose and living my true potential. From that moment on I never stopped learning and mastering myself in being who I was supposed to be.

Life Planner

But only when I became a business coach for entrepreneurs I knew what my real purpose was.

I witnessed suffering from having not enough time, wanting to be perfect, wishing to be somebody or somewhere else, balancing out business with pleasure and lack of self love and confidence.

So here I am.

Managing your time is reaching carefree living

monique appels

I believe that everyone deserves a carefree life. How about you? If we share the same believe, we can be a great team together. I can help you manage your time in a way that leaves space for you. So you can enjoy more, live more, be more, feel balanced. feel comfortable, be inspired, have faith or be more present, Whatever you are looking for or lacking in our life right now, I can help you achieve your perfect life.

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