Work and play in Madrid

As a digital nomad, Madrid can be a great choice if you want to work and play in a European city with a friendly climate and reasonable prices. Especially when you like the southern – Mediterranian – gastronomic culture. All the advantages of a big modern city combined with a relaxed way of living. 

Traveling Madrid

Ofcourse it depends on where you start your trip, but please check out the different possibilities of traveling. I found myself a very cheap flight with Ryanair from Brussels to Madrid for €20. I took the Flixbus from Rotterdam to Brussels for €7. So the whole trip was only €27. Which is really a bargain.

Public transportation in Madrid is whatever you would expect from a capital. Buses, trains and metros will take you everywhere. But please, take walks because the city is worth it. Stop at one of the bars or have some tapas at a restaurant with a nice glass of vino.

Staying in Madrid

MadridI have chosen to sleep a few nights in a hostel because I was only here for a couple of days. Hostels give you the opportunity to meet various kinds of people, from different countries, experiences and ages. If you want to make contact and good conversation, a hostel is a great way to do that.

So I stayed at the Cat’s Hostel, Calle de Cañizares 6A beautiful old building in the centre of Madrid. Their facilities are great, they organize free activities, breakfast for only €2 and free dinners three times a week. A bed on a mixed dorm room costs €13 a night with your own locker, bed light and three sockets. Only €1 for a Tequila shot!

Working in Madrid

Okay it took me a morning to search and find but this Utopic US place on Calle Duque de Rivas, 5 is very professional with good, fast WiFi. If you only want to work a day, it will cost you €18 (including VAT) and really good office chairs!

Nice, inspiring people and a attached to a great restaurant where you can have a great meal for €10. You can even bring your own food and eat together with other co-workers or staff if you want. The distance from the hostel to the working place is a 6 minute walk.

Playing in Madrid

MadridMadrid is full of restaurants, bars and clubs. Don’t forget to typical drinks like Mojitos and Tequilas which are very cheap in comparison with my country, the Netherlands. If you like the Medittarian food you will have a party every day.

Take one of the (free) trips that are Cat’s Hostel organizes or just explore on your own. It might surprise you. My first lunch I had at this small tapas restaurant which was highly recommended on the internet but I walked straight by it two times … the owner didn’t speak English but he gave me the best fish lunch I had in ages with a glass of red wine for €10.

When are you going to Madrid?

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