An unexpected visit to Curaçao


It wasn’t my intention but sometimes things just happen to you. So suddenly I found myself on the island of Curaçao, part of the Dutch Caribbean just north of Venezuela. Very popular, especially with Dutch people. It could have been the state I was in but to me it was just another island.

Arriving in Curaçao


So I was evacuated by a military cargo plane coming from Sint Maarten after hurricane Irma. That was quite an experience. Who gets on such a plane, really? After getting off the plane we were put in line with the encouraging sign “Check point hurricane victims”. Well, it is bonding that’s for sure. All of us had experienced the same tragedy. And we were all on that plane.

We were offered a free night at a 5 star facility called Santa Barbara Beach & Gulf Resort, an all-inclusive resort that probably non of us victims would ever consider on booking a holiday. But of course we enjoyed as much as we could. After the whole trip and whatever happened before that, we just wanted one thing (of maybe two): get a shower and sleep!

First day in Curaçao

CuraçaoAt 6 am I was already in the pool and had a great breakfast. I promised myself that I was going to take the most out of it. Meeting with fellow refugees from Sint Maarten I ended up at this bar drinking cocktail early in the morning.

Almost all the Dutchies went home with TUI flighing them to Amsterdam. I decided to stay in Curaçao. So I found myself a nice guesthouse in Willemstad. It is a Dutch owned place and I they gave a very warm welcome.

The next day

I decided to take my breakfast in Willemstad. Sitting on a terrace and hearing all these incredible stories about Irma was not easy. Media had no clue of what happened and so the wildest stories were told. Some I just listened to or tried to ignore. But some I felt the need to intrude without the intention of getting any sympathy or pity.

So I roamed around Willemstad, a little bit numb. Slept a lot and could stare for hours laying on my bed. I didn’t know what I was thinking or feeling anymore. On one hand I wanted to stay in Curaçao far away from home but on the other hand I wanted to make the trip I was supposed to make with my best friend and travel on to Bonaire. Which I eventually did.

Of course my Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger and email had exploded. I was offline for more than a week and managed to get one phone call to a dear friend. She posted some updates on Facebook and dealt with some business matters. It felt so good knowing that so many people are actually worried about you and wishing you all the best. So I decided on going live on Facebook. Since this is a Dutch broadcast, there’s no need to post it here.

Leaving Curaçao

On September 14 I took the plane to Bonaire. Which was another once-in-a-lifetime experience traveling with DiviDiviAir.

In the end I couldn’t enjoy the island which was not fair to Curaçao. So even though it wasn’t appealing to me I should give it a chance and go back later. Maybe I will.


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