Traveling to Crete

When a fellow digital nomad asked me if I wanted to go traveling to Crete for a month I didn’t hesitate a bit. She rented this little apartment in the center of Heraklion and needed to change plans. So I took this opportunity to go to Greece. The last time I was here was in 1984 when I got engaged with my boyfriend back then. We never married … 

Trip to Athens

I was told that flighing to Heraklion is pretty expensive. Take the plane to Athens and then the ferry to Crete. So I did. I paid € 49 for the ticket from Eindhoven to Athens with Transavia. Only hand luggage and that means really only one piece. No laptop case or handbag extra! Everything has to fit into your one bag of luggage. Unfortunately we had some delay due to ice problems (we in the Netherlands are not used to snow and ice) so we arrived in Athens 2,5 hours later.

traveling to creteFrom the airport, follow the signs ‘trains’. Go outside, cross the road and go to the left, take the stairs and you will find the ticket desk. Buy a ticket for € 10 to the center. Turn to the left and you will end up on the train platform. No need to search, there are only two trains: take the one on the right (blue line, no. 3), that’s the metro.

My suggestion is to leave the metro at Syntagma station. That’s pretty much central Athens. There is a nice restaurant at the right side of the square (I forgot the name). If you are staying at least a month, I suggest you buy a prepaid SIM card. I’ve got mine at the Vodafone shop: 8Gb data for €15. That is a bargain! You will find the Vodafone shop if you cross the square, go to the right at the crossroads and then immediately on your left hand side.

Trip to Heraklion

So after that, I needed to go to the Piraeus port for my ferry to Heraklion. I took the night ferry which departs at 21 and arrives at 6 the next morning. You can book a cabin – which is pretty expensive – but I decided to sleep on some coach. I could always catch some sleep later. I took the Anek Line for € 42,50.

Leaving from Syntagma station, you take the metro to Aghia Marina (blue line, no. 3) and transfer at Monastiraki (next station) on line 1, green, to Piraeus. When you get out of the metro there, it is crazy. All kinds of shops all over the place. Just walk straight on and turn right. Go with the flow and you will arrive at the busstop.

traveling to creteYou have to ask where to get out of the bus because there are really no signs whatsoever. So it is important that you know the name of your ferry and then ask people in the bus where to get out. The bustrip is for free – at least in my case. When you get out, go to the ticket desk of the ferry line and show your ticket. You need to arrive two hours before departure.

Beware that on these ferries there is no free WiFi (only paid) and in my case there was only one socket for the whole area!
Coming off the ferry to follow the signs ‘city centre’. Walk alongside the big road (on the left side) and after a while you will see the busstation on your left. There you will also find taxis.

Traveling to Crete

This trip has cost me €101.50 so far (one way). The apartment costed me less than €300 for a month and I can manage spending €10 a day. So traveling to Crete and staying there for a month is a pretty cheap option in Europe.

Happy staying!

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