Three days Bonaire – Dutch Caribbean

We had this great plan my best friend and I: I came visiting her in Sint Maarten and we would both go to Bonaire for a couple of days so she could show me where she was born and raised. Plans can change so in the end I ended up solo in Bonaire for three days. Check my blog about hurricane Irma and you know why.

Beautiful people

BonaireSince I am part of this Facebook group which is called ‘Wereldvrouwen‘ (women of the world), I have met a lot of Dutch women who live in different countries now. So when I came to Bonaire I posted this on Facebook asking if someone would like to meet with me. I ended up at Nicole’s place where I could spend two nights.

Nicole picked me up at the airport holding a sign with my name on it. That was kind of funny since she was the only one picking someone up and I was the only woman coming from Curaçao. The DiviDiviAir airplane was more of a toy plane. It contains eight seats and if you are afraid of flying, you should definitely not take that one. I had a blast!

She lives with her husband (both Dutch) as expats at this compound on the opposite side of the airport. A very pretty house with a magnificent view from the terrace and a lounge area with swimming pool and a couple of iguanas. We started off with a cocktail of course so I could adjust to the new environment.

Beautiful Bonaire

BonaireThe next days she took me with her to her volunteering work at the Animal Shelter Bonaire. I immediately got the task of cleaning the puppy area and start cuddling them. What a task that was! That night they took me out for a great dinner with lots of fish and nice wine. We ended up at this beach party with the most beautiful sunset. At midnight I fell asleep on one of the beach beds.

Nicole had a nice trip planned before I had to take the plane back to the Netherlands. I got a nice impression of this island and have to admit that I love it. The hot weather bothered me not that much because it is always windy. We had a lovely lunch at the very popular beach bar (Sorobon) where I could really see these white sandy beaches.

Thank you Nicole and Gerard for your hospitality and Arthy for the laughs and Scandinavian talks <3

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