Prague on a budget

prague on a budget

Prague is definitely my favorite capital in Europe. Not that it is more beautiful than other cities but from a financial point of view it is a clever choice. Let me give you some insights about how to do Prague on a budget.

Prague on a budget; do the maths

Whenever you go traveling, first make sure you know how much money you have and what you want to spend. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money or you want to travel the cheapest possible way. I can recommend the budget app Buddy. I am not sure if this is available in English as well.

Budget transportation

Of course it depends on from where you are traveling but if it is somewhere in Europe, I can recommend Flixbus. I talked about it several times in many different blogs. Flixbus is a German company which travels to many different places around Europe.

prague on a budgetIt could be that in some cases a plane is cheaper but please reconsider because traveling by plane is so much more polluting. Check my blog about that >>> If you want to look at different ways of transportation, use Omio on your computer or install the Omio app.

Prague has a very good local transportation system but still it is small enough to walk around. To keep in shape it is recommended to walk at least 10,000 steps a day so what better to do that than to explore a city by walking. Check my other blog on Prague for more information about the touristic tour.

Budget lodging

prague on a budgetI love sleeping in hostels. You meet so many nice people who all like to travel. And even in a hostel you can choose to stay in a dorm room or a more private room. I am not a very private person so I like to stay in dorm rooms. As long as I have the lower bed and my own bed light, I am fine.

My favorite hostel is Czech Inn. I have stayed there three times already. But this time I chose another hostel. Wanting to do Prague on a budget I simple chose the cheapest one. That turned out to be Prague Plus Hostel. The area is crappy which is good for your daily steps because you need to walk to do or see anything interesting. The hostel itself is decent and has enough for me. Use Hostelworld or de hostelword app for finding what you want.

Again I met some interesting and like minded people: a guy from California who also loves snow and had Alaska on his list. A couple from Canada / South Africa who just found a job and are looking for an apartment in Prague for a year. This guys’ mother is a dog breeder in South Africa so I have got myself a new volunteering place to go. Then there was this very young couple from Brazil / Rumania living in Portugal and planning to hitchhike their way to South-East Asia. I love being around people who have these big dreams and plans.

Budget eating

For someone who loves plant based food, this area (Maniny) is not the best when it comes to vegan food places. But nevertheless, Prague is also cheap when it comes to food. This hostel offers an all-you-can-eat breakfast for € 5.39. There is enough to eat but only suitable for non-vegans. They offer eggs, cheese and meat but also muesli with (soy) milk, fruit, bread, cake, tea, coffee and juices. Really not that bad.

But I also found an Indian restaurant which offers an all-you-can-eat buffet for € 6 and that was very good! If you are in Prague and you like Indian food, it’s really worth checking out this place. They also serve dinner a la carte. Namaste India has three location in Prague.

prague on a budget

I can also recommend Plevel (for their really good vegan cakes and pies and delicious pumpkin soup), Chutnej (for their vegan junk food) and Conductor (for their incredible cinnamon roles and lovely vegan wraps).

Prague on a budget

So how much money did I actually spent in Prague during my two weeks stay?

prague on a budget

kale burger

Kale burger, cole slaw, matcha/lemon juice @ Chutnej’s

The hostel didn’t have a kitchen. I love to make my own food (mostly salads) so if you go to the (daily) fresh food market, you can even do with less money. But since I only eat two meals a day (on an intermittent fasting diet) I had enough with the big breakfast – I did eat eggs though – and some small dish in the afternoon. I did treat myself with a burger at Chutnej’s. But still spending less than €8 a day is pretty nice, isn’t it.

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