October 7, 2017

So I had 2 weeks to kill in November. Where to go? Traveling to Prague by bus was a good deal. So I jumped on my beloved Flixbus and got a bed at a great hostel in Prague. This turned out not only to be an excellent combination of quality and price. The energy was so fine that I had a great opportunity to practice mindfulness. 

Mind full or mindful

The mind is always busy. You will surely recognize that. Fortunately I am not dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Still I challenge myself to be more present. It was not so long ago that I read Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now‘ which made a big impression on me.

mindfulSo instead of running around the city all day, every day I decided to just go with the flow. Even in a 30 bed (!) dorm room, I felt a lot of privacy and could totally be myself. The hostel was located in a beautiful area with several parks. After my very early morning walks I watched a lot of Eckhart Tolle’s videos.

Meeting other people, had great biological (vegan) food and walking a lot made this trip a true discovery of living mindfully. No pressure about deadlines or forcing myself to do things I think I should do. Learning about not wasting time but having me-time.

Prague, the classical city

mindfulI experienced the free walking tour for the first time. Our guide was a passionate student who knew a lot about history and was familiar with classical music. To me Prague looked a lot like Vienna. Even though I visited Vienna about 30 years ago I still remember a lot about that beautiful city.

After that tour I have taking the bus several times to visit the city on my own. Not especially to visit musea or churches, because they are not really my cup of tea. Just roaming around and enjoying everything. Which means no expectations, no running around to see as much as possible.

Because I don’t have good experiences with hostels all the time, I tend to book only 2 nights and then either extend or leave. This hostel, Czech Inn, was definitely the best hostel I was ever in so in the end I stayed there my entire trip. Highly recommended.

Some tips

Prague has a great public transport system but of course walking gives you a good impression of the city. If you are in to history, Prague is great place to go. It is cheap compared to a lot of capital cities in Europe. Most people speak English and are hospitable.

mindfulSome famous classical composers have their roots in Prague like Smetana and Dvorak. Smetana’s piece Vitava (Moldau in German) is about that river running through Prague. There are a lot of places in Prague where you can feel and see the influences of these great composers.

Take some days to travel around Czech Republic, it’s really worth it. I have visited a Dutch couple in Trutnov in the North West part. The small villages are adorable and if you are a meat eter you can enjoy yourself in many traditional places. Take the train through the county; it’s worth it.

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