Farmstay in Kurow

farmstay kurow

As I stated in my previous blog, my next stop was staying somewhere over the holidays. Housesitting. That sounded like a good idea. The family was away on holiday and I needed to take care of the house, dogs, chicken, a lamb and a calf. Farmstay in Kurow.

Introduction to the Wilsons

I had my own place; a guesthouse. A love having my own space. When traveling and staying in hostels, you do not have that much privacy. Now I had not only my own bedroom but also my own bathroom.

From the moment I was there, the Wilsons took me into their home and heart. I could take anything from the kitchen I wanted. Anna immediately started to cook vegetarian meals for me. Justin showed me how the farms worked. We moved some cattle. A funny experience.

The following day they showed me how to feed the chicken, where to find the eggs, how to clean the eggs and to whom I had to sell them. I bottle fed the calf and lamb and made friends with the dogs Pippi and Mayzee.

Farmstay in Kurow

farmstay kurow

bundle of puppies

Then it was time for them to go. I was on my own. But not for long. The next day I met the neighbor’s house sitter who invited me to the house and introduced me to 3 week old puppies. If I wanted to cuddle with them. It’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it.

I drove a car for the first time in New Zealand. A little bit shaky because on the left side of the road. Or, as we like to say, at the wrong side of the road. I went to Oamaru twice a week to deliver some eggs. And also did some sightseeing (next blog). I had a lot of freedom!

The holidays didn’t quiet feel like usual. It was my first time of having Christmas in summer: a weird experience. When it was not too hot, I went with the dogs to the river by bike. I also clicker trained Labradoodle Pippi to put toys into a basket. A fun game!

After the family came home

farmstay in kurow

with Anna on top of Mount Kurow

I still got no news from Immigration about my visa extension. And I still got no new address to go to. I could stay as long as I wanted. That was nice. I helped Anna with some household chores. Played with the children and trained with Pippi. I spend time with them and some friends at the lake.

When the days went by, and I still had no new place to go to, I made a decision: I needed to get back to Europe. I had not enough money for two more months. Not because of bad budgeting but due to some bad luck. Luckily I have great trust in ‘all will be okay’ and am grateful for having creative skills. So within a day after my decision I found myself a new host in Portugal.

I said goodbye to the Wilsons. Farmstay in Kurow was great! These hosts were the most beautiful people I ever met. Even with their busy life with three kids, they were very laid back. Caring and sharing. I took Anna for a coffee and she took me on a challenge: climbing Mount Kurow! Thank you Anna and Justin for the experience and the nice time we had together.

You want to see more pictures of my farmstay in Kurow? Check my Facebook page >>>

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