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The Secret

Everyone who is interested in the mind of human beings should read The Secret. The book The Secret claims that whatever you want in life, you can get. It is a matter of tuning in on the right frequencies of the universe. Place your order as you would do on…

Working while traveling and what you can do

Lifestyle, Travel
Have you ever considered working while traveling? Yes, then this post gives you more insights on how to combine the two. Of course you can have a job or work as a freelancer which doesn’t give you the opportunity for working while traveling. In that case, you need to save…

Mindful in Prague

So I had 2 weeks to kill in November. Where to go? Traveling to Prague by bus was a good deal. So I jumped on my beloved Flixbus and got a bed at a great hostel in Prague. This turned out not only to be an excellent combination of quality…