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Reduce your carbon footprint

carbon footprint
To be conscious about your lifestyle makes a big difference on your carbon footprint. Transportation, housing (energy/gas), eating and stuff. They all matter. If you want to work on that, here is how to reduce your carbon footprint. It is actually pretty simple. Anyone who ever tried a diet understands…

Leaving Facebook, a short how-to

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leaving facebook
It’s been a week now since I left Facebook. “Why make such a big deal out of this?”, you might ask. After all, this is the fourth blog about my addiction and challenge about leaving Facebook. I just wanted to let you know which steps to take if you are…

2020 Challenge: exit social media

2020 challenge
It is trendy to have challenges. They are all over the place. So here is my 2020 challenge: no social media for at least a year. I expect my life to become happier, more quiet and more relaxed so I can focus on what really matters. Why this 2020 challenge?…