April 16, 2018

After a six months trial I started my petsitting business on January 1, 2017. Why? Well there is a story to it that I will talk about in this blog. It is a story about loving dogs, being creative, using your credentials and doing what you love. My perfect lifestyle was born

Loving dogs

I have been loving dogs all my life. The first dog came when I was about 2 years old: a Golden retriever puppy. But when he bit me in my ear, he had to go. Little did we know about dogs. That’s a fact. After that came a English cocker spaniel and after that several mixed breed shelter dogs.


Fast forward 30 years later I got my first own dog: a Labrador retriever. Soon came the second one. I went to a dog training school and got infected by the dog virus. There was no way back. It started as a hobby but turned out as a business: a dog walking service.

Got my degree for dog instructor and behaviorist. I raised a deaf Pyrenese mountain dog, adopted an Alaskan malamute, was a puppy foster mom for two guide dogs for the blind and got a Siberian husky with some issues. Still loving dogs.

Having the mindset


After a great adventure in northern Finland and Norway for almost two years I came back to my homeland, The Netherlands, with nothing. Only two suitcases with clothes and some boxes with memories. No home, no money, just a couple of friends.

Sure I had my business but getting paid in Euro’s and spend it in Norwegian kroner is not the best way of making your money grow. Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world even if you don’t smoke and drink that much.

Luckily I have the mindset to not give up but to start over. With even more motivation. When do you get the chance to start from scratch? When there is not much left. So instead of seeing it as the end of my life, I chose to see it as the beginning of my life. A new life.

Using your credentials and having your desired lifestyle

petsittingOne thing I knew for sure: I don’t want to settle anywhere for now. My friend, who gave me a roof over my head, gave me three months notice. That was great for me. The adrenaline was running, I love deadlines and living on the edge. They keep me sharp.

So I decided to dust off my behavioral knowledge about dogs and use it for both my own and others’ advantage. I started petsitting. For people who are on holiday. So I can stay in there house taking care of the dogs (and other pets) and the house.

For me the ultimate freedom: I decide when I am available for petsitting. That means half a year (from April to September). The other half of the year I have the opportunity to travel. And since my work as a business coach is location independent it doesn’t matter where I am.

Being creative

I belief that being creative is one of the greatest traits you can have as a human being. If you are creative enough you will always see opportunities in stead of obstacles. So many people are telling me: “I could never do that”. Sure, he who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right.

At this very moment my petsitting business is big. It is bigger than my coaching business and it just adds up. I can do both. “How do you find clients”, people ask me. “I don’t, they find me”. A new way of marketing for me, I have to confess. But really, I have to disappoint people more than I would like to.

The next step? If I could combine petsitting while traveling, that would be an even more awesome way of living. So I need to take my business abroad. “But where do you live? You have to have a base”, the girl from Brazil asked me the other day sitting next to me in the train. “No, no base“, I replied. Her jaw dropped.

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