The Nomad Lifestyle explained

According to Wikipedia, a nomad is a person belonging to a community who live in different locations moving from one place to another. The traditional nomads do not travel that much anymore. E.g. the Bedouins in Egypt and the Sami in northern Europe live in houses nowadays.

The Nomad Lifestyle

nomad lifestyleThe modern nomad is someone who travels a lot. The nomad is not necessarily part of a community like in the traditional sense of the word; they don’t need a community to survive. On the contrary: a nomad is more like a loner, somebody who likes to travel alone. There is no need for moving from one place to another in order to stay alive. The nomad lifestyle is a way of living. A choice, not a necessity.

To me the nomad lifestyle equals total freedom. I can stay wherever I want, as long as I want. In my case it also means I have not one place I can call ‘home’. There is no address only on paper. I have the Dutch nationality and have a Dutch passport. I also live in the Netherlands. So in that case, I am not homeless. I maybe have a different definition of ‘home’. I can feel at home in more than one place of with more than one person.

Benefits of The Nomad Lifestyle

nomad lifestyleIt can be pretty relaxed if you don’t have a house you need to maintain. A friend of mine lives on the other side of the world but still has a house in the Netherlands. It’s a burden, really. She needs to maintain it because otherwise it can’t be sold and it’s on the market for nearly 4 years now!

But even if you don’t own a house, a rented house also needs some maintenance. When you have a garden, you need to keep it nice and clean if you want to enjoy if or otherwise your landlord will tell you to. In most cases you need to buy furniture and other stuff to make a house into a home. I don’t need furniture or cutlery.

You become a minimalist and immediately start to de-clutter your stuff the moment you decide to always take everything you own with you. At least, that’s what I did. Maybe there are some nomads who store their stuff. I sold it, gave of just threw it away. A minimalistic lifestyle means you only have stuff that adds value to your life. I take much pleasure in having the latest iPhone but am not interested at all to have the finest cloths.

Disadvantages of The Nomad Lifestyle

nomad lifestyleTraveling a lot and being in many different places, can sometimes be a little bit exhausting. It can feel like you are on the run. Having a grounded basic place can feel very relaxed. Because everybody has their special things that you want to cherish but don’t have to take with you all the time. Physical memories.

In certain countries it’s much more expensive to live in hotels in comparison to having your own house. Especially in the northern parts of Europe (Scandinavia e.g.) where hostels are not so widely spread. Traveling (even by plane) gets cheaper every year but still traveling to the other side of the world is still expensive. Normally people save money travel, a nomad is always traveling.

Having intimate relationships isn’t easy when you’re always moving. Unless you find your soul mate who likes The Nomad Lifestyle as much as you do. In general those people aren’t easy to find. Let’s be honest: most people like to have a house to call their home and want a regular life with a job and maybe two of even three holidays a year.

Dare to be yourself

nomad lifestyleThe most heard comment when I tell somebody about my lifestyle is: “I could never do that”. And of course they are right when you say that. This is not a lifestyle for everybody and that is okay. I am not a missionary trying to convince people to have the same lifestyle as I have. Sometimes a feel that people sort of defend themselves that they have an ordinary life and sometimes they even say sorry for that.

That’s an interesting thing happening here. Why would you defend yourself for your chosen lifestyle? Or why would you even apologize to me about it. Could it be that maybe these people want to do the same but are afraid to do so?What’s holding them back? Everybody can be a nomad. There are several ways to make a living, even if you are always on the move. Millions of people nowadays make a good amount of money through the internet.

My best friends have a – so called – normal life. They are happy and stand for what they want. I love that. They would never judge me and neither do I judge them. Living the life you are suppose to live and not what other people expact you to live. That’s what makes you happy in life.

Do you want to live your life but aren’t able to, due to somethings holding you back? Let me help you finding your truth and contact me. If you read Dutch, here’s an interview I had about my Nomad Lifestyle >>>

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