Life after Facebook

On February 2th, 2020 I asked Facebook to delete my profile. That’s 5 weeks ago. How did this change my life and is there even a life after Facebook. I will tell you my experience.

Did Facebook keep their promise?

Facebook told me that they were going to execute 30 days after me clicking the button. No idea if they did. Unfortunately I can’t check this because the moment I log in with my username and password, my profile is activated again. Or, if they did keep their promise, I can’t log in.

As I stated in my blog about how to leave Facebook, you have a cooling-off period of 30 days. But after these 30 days I never got an email from Facebook assuring me they did delete my profile. And after seeing the documentary on the Cambridge Analytica scam, I am not sure if they will. There is no way that I can check this.

Facebook tells you that the moment you decide to leave, your profile is invisible for other users. So searching for your name on Facebook, doesn’t show any hits. Also all of your comments on posts in groups and pages are gone. But … does that mean that Facebook is really deleting your data? How can you be sure? I choose to let it go.

Life after Facebook

So what happened when I left Facebook? First of all I have no evidence that everything that happened in the last 5 weeks has anything to do with me leaving Facebook. But still it is remarkable. There was a major shift in energy that I never experienced before.

life after facebook

What is this? It has everything to do with my life after Facebook.

When you don’t spend any energy on one thing, you shift your energy to something else. Being in Prague for two weeks without even looking at Facebook, gave me a huge insight. I was used to get distracted by Facebook the moment I wanted to turn my focus inside. Looking inside yourself is scary and it is easier to scroll down your timeline. But now I didn’t have a timeline anymore.

This forced me to take a deep look inside. I already felt that this year would mean big changes but I never thought they would be so life changing. I will tell you more about that in my next blog maybe later this week. Is there a life after Facebook? O yes, and life is getting better.

Would I advise everyone to leave Facebook?

life after facebookNo of course not. If you are enjoying it, if you can control your time on Facebook, if you have a business that more or less depends on Facebook then by all means, stay there. Do you feel that Facebook is distracting you, if you are addicted and you don’t spend enough time on things that really matter in life, then by all means: leave!

You probably know the quote “If one door closes, another one opens“. That was what I experienced when leaving Facebook. For whatever reason, these two doors couldn’t be open simultaneously. To me it felt that I got my life back and even a better life than ever before.

When I turned 40, people told me that my real life would start now. That was true. Ten years later, people told me that life would be even better after 50. And it did. But nobody told me that life after Facebook would be a blast. Because of my shifted focus I made the best decision in almost 20 years!  Am I against Facebook? Yes. I think they are stealing our identity and sell it to the highest bidder.

Am I hypocritical?

Yes, I am human. I have a fake Facebook account to manage the only page I still have and some groups. And yes I have an Instagram account which is linked to this blog. But neither of them have my name nor my phone number. Facebook asks me everyday if I want to verify my account with my phone number and everyday I say: “no”.

Does that mean that I am invisible for Facebook? No, they already know everything about me but I am doing the best I can to not feed them with more information. The only social media I have is my LinkedIn and YouTube account.

In december 2018 a friend of mine asked me if I needed something to get rid off. She would perform some burning ritual. I sent her an email telling her that I wanted to leave the internet in 2020. I failed but I am in my way.

How to contact me?

life after facebook

The Signal logo

Life after Facebook also meant choosing another messaging service since Whatsapp is owned by Facebook. It turned out to be not so simple for people to contact you when you are neither on Facebook nor Whatsapp. The good-old sms doesn’t work for some of my friends, some are a little bit scared to choose another messaging service and others wonder if they can still email me …. (this is for real).

What does all of this mean? What happened to calling someone to ask how they are doing? We all have phones which are our computers nowadays but still people find it hard to dial a number. People who sometimes contacted me through Messenger, just vanished. With others I started to use Skype again and our friendship flourished.

If you really want to keep in contact with someone, you will find a way. I am using Signal now as a messaging service. Edward Snowden is fan, that says it all. A few of my friends were somewhat reserved but most installed it immediately. If you can Google, you will find my phone number and you can add me to your list.

Life after Facebook: a clear head with less negativity coming in!

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