Leaving Facebook, a short how-to

leaving facebook

It’s been a week now since I left Facebook. “Why make such a big deal out of this?”, you might ask. After all, this is the fourth blog about my addiction and challenge about leaving Facebook. I just wanted to let you know which steps to take if you are interested in leaving Facebook.

Make a choice

If you have one or more (business) pages and/or groups to manage, it is wise to carefully prepare your exit from Facebook. There are two ways you can leave:

  1. You can deactivate your profile
  2. You can delete your profile

Deactivation means your profile is this there but no one can see it and it won’t show in search commands. You can still use Messenger which will show you current profile picture. The moment you log in, your profile will be activated again.

leaving facebookDeletion means that all your data are deleted (you believe that?). Facebook needs 30 days to do this (really?). If you log in during the 30 days waiting time, your profile will be activated again and the 30 days counts from the moment you decide – again – to delete your profile. Deletion also means you cannot use Messenger anymore.

Preparations for leaving Facebook

leaving facebookChoose wisely because deleting can have a lot of consequences. When you decide to delete your Facebook profile, first download your profile or everything is gone after 30 days. Maybe that is okay with you but please reconsider. Everything also means all your photos and videos! It is a huge file that comes in a ZIP format (see print screen).

But also assign your management tasks (admin) from your Facebook groups to somebody else you can trust. You can choose to archive groups first which are not very active but still you need to assign a new manager. If you don’t, nobody can have any access to these settings when your profile is deleted. Archiving means that nobody can add posts or new members but the existing members can still see the content of the groups. I deactivated my account before executing this steps and luckily I found out in time. This is how you archive groups >>>  If you want to delete your group(s), remember that you first need to delete all the existing members one by one.

Also assign new managers (admins) to your page(s). You can’t see the content of your page when you are not a Facebook member and you don’t know what goes on there. People can write stupid shit or fake reviews. You need someone to manage that for you. Of course there is still the option of deleting your page(s).

Leaving Facebook

So when you are ready to leave Facebook, you can choose that option: permanently delete my account.

leaving facebook

Now your 30 days cooling-off period starts. You get an email from Facebook telling you that they will start deleting your profile after a certain date (30 days from the day you pushed the delete button). So there is always a way back within those 30 days. Because that is what Facebook wants of course. A simple opt-out as we know from mailing list would be too easy.

Is there a life after Facebook? I will tell my story soon.

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