corona birthday

April 2, 2020

Today is my birthday. I am 56 years young now. This is not the first birthday I spend alone but most years that was my own choice. Now it’s not. It’s a big difference. This day I will remember because this will forever be my Corona birthday.

My birthdays

I love a good party once in a while. Until my 40th birthday, I more or less celebrated this day every year. Some years it was also Easter. Sometimes we could sit outside and sometimes it was too cold. I don’t remember a specific birthday apart from when I became 51. My newly Norwegian boyfriend came to the Netherlands to celebrate with me and my friends.

corona birthdayI do remember lonely birthdays. When I cried the whole day. I even remember birthdays that no one called me except from my father. I never had many friends but even the ones I considered good friends forgot about it or just didn’t bother.

Apart from one year – 2015 – I am living alone for 16 years. So this is not my birthday alone. Many years I preferred to not celebrate my birthday but this year it’s different. Now I don’t have a choice. My Corona birthday will forever be remembered.

Growing older

Life becomes better when growing older. I have heard that so many times. And it is true. When I became 40 I separated with my boyfriend back then (my longest relationship ever) and everybody told me that life begins at 40. And it did. Big time. I started a new company, worked on my personal development, hired a personal trainer and had several one-night-stands. I loved all of it.

corona birthday
Lunch with friends 2018

Just when I became 50 people told me the same thing: now life is even getter better. And it did! Ten years after my latest relationship I met another great guy. The next love of my life. I already spent some time in Norway (my favorite country) and there he was: my Norwegian prince. We had a great time, marriage was on his way and business was booming. Then it all fell apart. Just like that.

But I didn’t need much time to get over this. I created a new business model and became a digital nomad combined with petsitting. For the first time in my life I had this perfect, balanced group of friends with the same energy, who met each other just before my half year trip to New Zealand. Everything that happend after that, you can read here on my blog.

Corona birthday

This time in my life, as probably in many lives, is not the best. I have to overcome some challenges (still no base and no income). But I am still here, feeling physically and mentally healthy. I am not sick, just a little bit more emotional. Probably sentimental. I think it is because of this whole Corona hassle but maybe it is my hormones going wild.

corona birthdayLuckily the weather is nice, so I am going out for a walk today. Just get some fresh air. Of course my favorite coffee shop is closed but I will find myself a nice vegan piece of cake to enjoy in the sun on my balcony. And for tonight I will treat myself to a bottle of Prosecco. What else? Of course I will apply for a job today as I am doing everyday now for 14 days in a row.

And I am looking forward to (video) calls with my friends. I even got a real (not digital) birthday card which I appreciate so much. It’s going to be weird birthday, this Corona birthday but I am going to enjoy every minute of it.

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