May 1, 2020

Consciousness comes in many forms so the definitions vary. To me consciousness is awareness. It is a state or emotion caused by external stimuli. These stimuli happen to you, you don’t choose them. E.g. watching tv or reading a newspaper causes your thinking (which is internal) to change. The moment thoughts run through your head, you have to give them a meaning. That is your state and your state determines your emotion and action.┬áConsciousness during COVID-19 can be very challenging.

Stimulus causes reaction

When the phone rings (stimulus), you either pick it up or let it ring (reaction). Which one you choose, depends on your current state (motivation) and environment (context). E.g. if you are excited (motivation) when someone calls you are more liking to answer then when you are in the middle of a conversation (context). In that case you may choose to not pick it up.

So the stimulus is something you don’t have control over. Your reaction you can choose. Especially through challenging time as we experience now, you see that peoples’ reactions become more intense. There are three ways you can react: you fight against it, you run away from it or you ignore it (fight-flight-freeze mode).

Consciousness, meaning awareness, is the act (or art) of choosing which way you react. This has still nothing to do with the stimulus, so don’t shoot the messenger. In this time with a pandemic going on, a lot of people are either in a flight mode (fear) or a freeze mode (giving up). People who are choosing to fight are more likely to be seen as conspiracy theorists.

Consciousness during COVID-19

When it comes to being conscious and getting well informed, please don't believe everything you hear, see or read. This applies to all partiConsciousness during COVID-19Being aware of what is happening now with the pandemic, is a good practice to become more conscious. This doesn’t have to mean action from your side. You don’t need to get involved in discussions on social media, step up and argue (or sign petitions) against everything that is wrong in your eyes. Just try to limit the external stimuli and master the art of going inside. This is where the true awakening happens.

If you are like me, you want to know more sides of the story. So don’t only listen to mainstream media but do listen to what other people have to say. Some of their theories are actually very clarifying. And some of them are just plain bs. But if you are not interested at all, I advice you to stop watching the news on tv and reading the papers.

So consciousness during COVID-19 can mean two things: you either be aware of what’s going on just because you are interested in the matter and form your own opinion or you just accept what’s happening and start being aware of your own inner self. The last one can be a very interesting journey.

How to become more conscious

A lot of people are dealing with fear right now. Both mainstream and unconventional media are reinforcing that emotion. Unless you are aware of the sensitivity of your own emotions and have the ability to change them, you are suffering. There is nothing wrong with giving yourself some time off. Staying at home with a minimal of social contact is the perfect time to start switching off.

If you feel anxiety of any kind, I suggest you start listening to Eckhart Tolle. I have mentioned him many times in my blogs and yes, I am a big fan. He taught me to be in the present moment. Why is that so important? Because when you are present, you have no problem. Right now, at this moment there is no fear. Fear starts when you are going to think about the future. And there is no life in the future; life is always now. He can teach you how to be mindful (with an empty mind) and meditate.

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When it comes to being conscious and getting well informed, please don't believe everything you hear, see or read. This applies to all partiConsciousness during COVID-19If you want to know more of what’s going on right now and are interested in things that the mainstream media are not offering, then I suggest you follow

Warning: some of these channels are very controversial and I am not suggesting that this is what you should believe. I am only suggesting that if you feel that there is more going on than mainstream media are showing, consider looking at these channels.

When it comes to being conscious and getting well informed, please don’t believe everything you hear, see or read. This applies to all parties and all sides. Consciousness during COVID-19 is crucial for a better physical, mental and emotional life. Stay save!

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