A new life: certainty over uncertainty

a new life

Soon I will start a new life. Again. Maybe it has something to do with age but in this new stage I choose certainty over uncertainty. If you are familiair with The Six Human Needs you understand what this means. If not, please read my blog about this.

My life stages

a new life

1995, a little bit of a wild woman

The first part was a life that people (read: my father) expected from me. I chose the education which was excepted, got a nice boyfriend, a standard apartment and a modest car.

32 Years (and a lot of nice boyfriends, houses, cars and jobs) later I met a guy who liked to swim against the current. We started our own business and three businesses later our relationship ended. I had become an entrepreneur and had several dog-related business, The last 5 years I lived as a nomad, roaming around the globe with no base.

The third part of my life will official start on April 1, 2020. Then I will end my business and start working as an employee again. In Prague. Certainty with still a little bit of uncertainty.

What happened

a new life

The last picture of me in an office @ Deloitte

I was talking and thinking about my own place again; I needed a home to settle. But I identified myself with being an entrepreneur so I never thought about doing anything else. I also assumed that nobody would want to hire an old lady like me. So that was the perfect excuse for not even thinking about entering the corporate world again. Me, in an office for 8 hours a day? No way.

So it took a long time for me to accept that this was inevitable.  I was tired. Not because I worked so hard but because I struggled so hard. Everything I learned about marketing and sales didn’t apply anymore. In this fast changing world, I couldn’t adapt fast enough. My creativity never dried up. So I had millions of ideas but when executed, they failed miserably.

And it finally hit me: it is time for a new life. This ‘never give up’ didn’t work for me anymore. So I gave up. Now I identified myself with not being an entrepreneur. I was a looser. But luckily a very successful businessman said that I lasted 23 years as self-employed, that meant something. And of course he was right. I am proud of everything I achieved.

A new life

When I started to look around to see what kind of jobs there were as an expat, I was surprised. Why an expat? The main reason for giving up my entrepreneurial life was certainty. I needed to know how much money would come in every month and I was done with suffering. That certain amount of money was also necessary to have my own place. But, I still need a lot of variety. So that’s why I wanted to work abroad.

a new life

My new employer

I sent my resume to 4 companies. I had not written a resume in 25 years so it was probably a little bit crappy. Anyway, they all replied. And they all wanted to talk to me. I was flabbergasted. It was Portugal, Greece, Malta and Ireland. None of them said anything about my age. I chose to continue with the one in Portugal. Just to see how the process works. Within a week, I turned them all down. This was so easy, it would not be so hard to find something that would really fit me. And so it did.

One week later: I have a job and can start a new life. I get an indefinite contract (more certainty than I wished for), accommodation and a lot of benefits and bonuses. And again: nobody ever said anything about me being 55 years young. And … the icing on the cake: I can celebrate my next birthday in my own home. That was something I manifested about a year ago although I never dreamed that my home would be in Prague. Lucky me!

[featured image: my new apartment]
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