2020 challenge

January 19, 2020

It is trendy to have challenges. They are all over the place. So here is my 2020 challenge: no social media for at least a year. I expect my life to become happier, more quiet and more relaxed so I can focus on what really matters.

Why this 2020 challenge?

2020 challengeI find myself on social media too often. More than I want and more than is actually necessary. As an entrepreneur it is said that you need social media for your marketing. Sure, online marketing can be a great aspect of marketing when performed well.

But I am starting this challenge to see if I can have a ‘referral only’ business. This is a type of marketing where all my new customers come through recommendation. I believe that my clients, or even former clients, are my ambassadors. They will tell others.

But there is also a big personal reason to my 2020 challenge: all the stimuli I get and the impulse to react on it is more than often exhausting. Everybody has an opinion and before you know it, you are involved in a discussion you never intended to have.

Our news nowadays

Our world is burning. Literary at the moment. There is so much going on and it is overwhelming. I stopped reading and watching the news a long time ago but I can’t escape what’s been posted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

More than ever there is so much fake news. And the media is not impartial. They tell us what they want us to believe. And if you are against mainstream opinion, you are likely to get censured. This actually happened to my friend on Facebook, who posted about a vaccination given to pregnant women.

Please watch this video from Dutch journalist, Charles Groenhuijsen. He has over 40 years experience and this is his view on the news today:

Minimalism and conscious living

People who follow me, know that I started to become a minimalist in 2014. Which means I only own what adds value to my life. Nothing more. That also means that I am not taking in information that will not support or empower me. Little by little I was poisoned by the negativity again. I let that happen and I don’t want that anymore. I chose the low information diet. Read this article about it >>>

2020 challenge

Most of the things that go on in the world are out of your reach. Which means that you can’t do anything about it. The only thing you can do is be the best person you can. You can donate to a cause as much as you can afford, or travel to a place where they need your help and help. You can also reuse plastic by bringing your own grocery bag to the store instead of buying a new one.

So, I decided that my life should be more about conscious living. Even more than I am already doing. Conscious living doesn’t mean you have to follow the news. It means you think about how you want to live and what impact you want to have in this world. And guess what: you can have an impact without using social media.

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