The Great Hack

the great hack

Yesterday I saw the documentary on Netflix, The Great Hack. This is the story of Cambridge Analytica, the company behind the victory of Trump and Brexit. Cambridge Analytica doesn’t exist anymore because of their doubtful execution using personal data from Facebook. I was stunned.

The Great Hack story

It was great. For sure. Probably the biggest social media hack in history. Cambridge Analytica was hired by the Trump administration to use their data to influence voters. Doesn’t sound like a big deal. Thousands of agencies are hired to make Facebook ads for businesses every day. Facebook ads are big business. Since Facebook is the largest database in the world.

the great hack

Brittany Kaiser

But this was far more than just using demographics to target your audience in a Facebook ad. The Great Hack is about systematically exploiting your personal data and feed you with a lot of dirt and fake news. This whole CA/FB scandal was certainly the source of a lot of fake news we digest nowadays on social media.

But it is also about the huge range all over the world in an attempt to influence our opinion. This is not advertising or marketing. This is propaganda. Whistleblower¬†Brittany Kaiser plays the main role in this documentary. She isn’t hushed down and still goes on about the threatening of democracy on social media. Check out her Facebook page.

My opinion

The documentary is overwhelming. The timing couldn’t be better. Not long ago I decided to challenge myself and leave social media for a year. The Great Hack definitely confirmed my opinion about the bad influence of social media on our society. More than I knew and than I could ever imagine. The ugly truth.

Several attempts from individuals to receive their own data had been failed so far. Owning your own data should be a birth right! Whatever you put out on social media, should always be yours. But the moment you sign in on Facebook, you immediately lose your right to your data. It’s in the agreement you approve – probably automatically. Who could even do such a thing, right?

I recommend everybody who is interested in the role of social media, (fake) news and democracy to watch this documentary. More about the story you will find here >>>

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