Mindful in Prague

So I had 2 weeks to kill in November. Where to go? Traveling to Prague by bus was a good deal. So I jumped on my beloved Flixbus and got a bed at a great hostel in Prague. This turned out not only to be an excellent combination of quality and price. The energy was so fine that I had a great opportunity to practice mindfulness(more…)

Work and play in Madrid

As a digital nomad, Madrid can be a great choice if you want to work and play in a European city with a friendly climate and reasonable prices. Especially when you like the southern – Mediterranian – gastronomic culture. All the advantages of a big modern city combined with a relaxed way of living.  (more…)

Transportation in Europe

If you (are going to) travel frequently, it’s nice to know some travel rules and hacks. Even if you are a non-conformist like me, you can’t escape from (security) rules even if they seem ridiculous. Just stick to this list and everything will be fine. I even added some advice concerning traveling and transportation in Europe. (more…)

Traveling to Crete

When a fellow digital nomad asked me if I wanted to go traveling to Crete for a month I didn’t hesitate a bit. She rented this little apartment in the center of Heraklion and needed to change plans. So I took this opportunity to go to Greece. The last time I was here was in 1984 when I got engaged with my boyfriend back then. We never married …  (more…)

Packing your backpack

I have had several bags and suitcases before I bought the backpack I have now: Queshua 50l for ladies. It’s light weight and has a frame which is perfect for your back and hips. The straps are suitable for ladies and it has all sorts of clever pockets, lines and Read more…