farmstay kurow

Farmstay in Kurow

As I stated in my previous blog, my next stop was staying somewhere over the holidays. Housesitting. That sounded like a good idea. The family was away on holiday and I needed to take care of the house, dogs, chicken, a lamb and a calf. Farmstay in Kurow. Introduction to the Wilsons Read more…



It was nearly Christmas time. My plan was to leave New Zealand at 18th December and travel to Australia. Visiting some old friends of last year and spend the holidays there. But things can change in a year so there was no opportunity to visit them. That’s when I decided Read more…

dealing with boredom

Dealing with boredom in Durrës

When I first met Ellen we immediately hit it off, so to speak. Ellen is a Dutch regional development consultant working and living in Tirana, the capital of Albania. We had coffee together, talked about business and how to market. I agreed on helping with her husband’s hostel in Durrës no idea that it was a perfect practice in dealing with boredom. (more…)