Petsitting as a lifestyle

After a six months trial I started my petsitting business on January 1, 2017. Why? Well there is a story to it that I will talk about in this blog. It is a story about loving dogs, being creative, using your credentials and doing what you love. My perfect lifestyle was born(more…)

dealing with boredom

Dealing with boredom in Durrës

When I first met Ellen we immediately hit it off, so to speak. Ellen is a Dutch regional development consultant working and living in Tirana, the capital of Albania. We had coffee together, talked about business and how to market. I agreed on helping with her husband’s hostel in Durrës no idea that it was a perfect practice in dealing with boredom. (more…)

The Secret

Everyone who is interested in the mind of human beings should read The Secret. The book The Secret claims that whatever you want in life, you can get. It is a matter of tuning in on the right frequencies of the universe. Place your order as you would do on a webshop and you shall receive. No need to worry about the ‘how’.  (more…)


Mindful in Prague

So I had 2 weeks to kill in November. Where to go? Traveling to Prague by bus was a good deal. So I jumped on my beloved Flixbus and got a bed at a great hostel in Prague. This turned out not only to be an excellent combination of quality and price. The energy was so fine that I had a great opportunity to practice mindfulness(more…)