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Life after Facebook

On February 2th, 2020 I asked Facebook to delete my profile. That’s 5 weeks ago. How did this change my life and is there even a life after Facebook. I will tell you my experience. Did Facebook keep their promise? Facebook told me that they were going to execute 30…

Prague on a budget

prague on a budget
Prague is definitely my favorite capital in Europe. Not that it is more beautiful than other cities but from a financial point of view it is a clever choice. Let me give you some insights about how to do Prague on a budget. Prague on a budget; do the maths…

Valentine’s Day 2020

valentines day
Yesterday was my first Valentine’s Day that I got romantic attention in years. So the stars are aligned. It doesn’t happen many times that I have a flirt. Although it was online through messaging, I definitely welcomed it. Romantic relationships are not easy when you are traveling. Nomadic relationships I…