About Monique

Passionate entrepreneur

I am Monique, a self made entrepreneur born in the Netherlands in 1964. My journey started 10 years ago when my father passed away. His passing was sad but he needed to so I could live the life I wanted. It took me some years and counseling to get rid of the idea that I had to please him. From that moment on my life was devoted to traveling, building businesses, understanding my true self and living a conscious life.

With my stories I hope I can empower you to make thoughtful choices about your life which will always effect the world around you, our planet and the people in it. Decision is the ultimate power.

Digital nomad

I survived the polar climate living in Northern Norway (see me driving a snow scooter in March 2015). Lived there four months without running water but experienced the most fabulous northern lights and the nordic winter when the sun doesn’t shine for two months. I enjoyed the summers when the sun does shine for 24 hours during a period of two months.

But I also survived the devastating power of hurricane Irma on Caribbean’s Sint Maarten in September 2017. By far my most traumatic experience feeling like a refugee on a totally ruined island when all your basics have been taking away: no water, no electricity and no house left. Luckily I found shelter with great friends and got off the island after waiting for two days on the airport.

Conscious human being

What did all this traveling and all these experiences give me? I started to live a more conscious life. Being present and living in the now. Realizing what an incredible lucky person I am to live this way. Because of the choices I made earlier in life. No children, no mortgage, no employer. Just me and my endless freedom in doing and being.

This more conscious lifestyle gave me a new set of values and standards. I don’t need to be a millionaire anymore and I don’t want to eat meat anymore. I trust the universe to give me what I need at the right moment. No searching for happiness or a partner. Happiness is an inside job. And when the time is right, this partner will be there. Doing less and being more. I don’t have a busy life. I don’t need a break from social media or have an internet diet. I hardly don’t need time anymore and never set my alarm. Only when I have to catch a plane early in the morning. But be careful, this is an addiction too.